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    Rajkumar Agarwal posted an update 1 year ago

    My suggestion to all CA Student is:
    – be updated on You tube – subscribe the channels of all Faculties (list given below).

    Lectures on Youtube:

    – Mayank Kothari (Concepts and RTP)
    – Rahul Malkan (Chapter wise Lectures)

    – Aseem Trivedi (Amendment Lec/Revision Lec)
    – Swapnil Patni (Amendment Lec/Revision Lec)

    – Swapnil Patni (Amendment Lecs, Revision Lecs)
    – Aseem Trivedi (SAs, Amendment Lec)
    – Sarthak Jain (Revision Lecs, Amendment Lecs)

    ISCA (Revision Lec)
    – Amit Tated (Chap 1 & 7 and Rev Lec)
    – Swapnil Patni (if uploaded)

    – Bhanvar Borana
    (Rev Lec, Amedment Lec and Case Laws)

    – Mahesh Gour (GST Amendment/Revision Lec)
    – Yashwant Mangal (GST Amendment/Revision Lec)

    • Friends trust me, its gonna help you a lot.
      I have done my 20-30% of total quantum of studies from you tube.
      When your classes are over and you are on Exam Leaves. In those last 5 months, You tube will act as your Friend, Faculty, Room Mate,etc to solve all your concepts .