Pinal Rana | AIR 6 GATE 2017 - Production and Industrial Engineering, Khambhat, Gujarat
Pinal Rana

I am Pinal gopaldas rana from Khambhat, Gujarat. My father name is Gopaldas mohanlal rana and he is a mechanic and my mother name is Sonalben gopaldas rana and she is a homemaker. I have one brother who has completed his B.E in electrical and now he is looking for a job. During my engineering I attend so many seminars and lecture related to GATE through that only I am able to understand the importance of gate exam.

My first reaction

I am really really happy for what I got but I was expecting AIR between 1 to 5, but no problem top 10 is not bad. I would like to thank my parents my brother my whole family teacher friends everyone who supported me.


I started my preparation on 22/7/2016 but before that I have strong base of the fundamental subject and in last 2 month I read about 16 hr which include test series and revisions only. According to me coaching is not important but atmosphere related to gate reading is more important like discussion and all.


A. Study Schedule
Out of 24 hr subtract 6hr sleeping, 1:30 hr for dinner lunch and snacks 2 hr for freshness and all daily work remaining all time dedicated to reading.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?) :
I was not preparing according to my strong and week subject, instead I was preparing according to weightage of each subject in the exam, highest weightage subject has highest priority.

Books and e-sources

There are many books available in market but I would suggest that there is no need to read separate book for GATE. Books that you study during your engineering are enough. But during your gate preparation if you have any doubt you 1st discuss with friends and then read any standard book.

Aptitude Section:
No, because during my engineering I was preparing for campus interview also so during that time period I get enough knowledge about aptitude but I made continuous revision of that.

Mock tests

I gave more than 50 mock tests and it really helped me to get good marks in gate examination.

Examination day

I started writing questions from starting and left the questions which takes more than 1 min, this way I had completed my paper once before 1:30PM, then in the remaining time I went through the left questions.


There is no separate preparation needed for IITs and PSUs, preparation during gate is suffice.

Future Plans

I always wanted to become an IITian, so now I have got admission in IIT Bombay for Mtech.