Mudit Vajpayee - GATE 2018 AIR 2 Petroleum Engineering - Delhi
Mudit Vajpayee

I am Mudit Vajpayee. I secured AIR 02 in GATE 2018 in Petroleum Engineering. I have done my B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar. I graduated from PDPU in 2017 and then I joined IIT (ISM) Dhanbad for M.Tech in Petroleum Engineering. Currently I am in my 2nd semester at IIT (ISM) Dhanbad (2017-19). My Father is a journalist and mother is housewife.

I first attempted GATE exam in 2017, solely to get into ONGC. I managed to secure AIR 152 with 63.33 marks out of 100 but this wasn’t enough for ONGC. I was disheartened but nevertheless I joined IIT (ISM) Dhanbad for M.Tech. Here in IIT (ISM), initially I used to focus more on M.Tech studies to build a good CGPA, something in which I succeeded as my 1st sem GPA was 9.70. Then I started focusing on GATE fully from mid December 2017 (during my winter vacation at IIT). Hence, I prepared for GATE 2018 from mid December 2017 to 1st Feb 2018 and my GATE PE exam was on 3rd Feb 2018. In 2018, I have secured AIR 02 in GATE 2018 PE with 75.33 marks out of 100. I’m ecstatic as I know most probably I will get to work with ONGC from this year.

My first reaction

On 3rd Feb 2018, when my GATE PE exam was over, I was sure of getting a rank in Top 5. Therefore when I saw my result, it wasn’t much of a surprise for me.

I had so much support from my parents and friends during GATE preparation that the responsibility of any failure this time would have been mine and almost entire credit for success goes to them.


I have not taken any coaching and prepared for GATE on my own. Also joining a coaching wasn’t possible for me as I prepared for GATE alongside my M.Tech at IIT (ISM). I had joined a test series by GATE AIOTS PE and found it useful for practising some quality questions and finding your frequent errors. Online Test Series are important to analyse one’s preparation and see where you stand in comparison to others.


A. Study schedule:

As I had started my GATE 2018 preparation a bit late i.e. from mid December so I had limited time of 1.5 months left for GATE 2018 as my GATE PE exam was on 3rd Feb 2018. Hence I had to put extra efforts during my preparation to complete the full GATE PE syllabus in time.

I did my entire preparation from Petroleum Engineering eBooks that I have and the free study material provided by GATE AIOTS PE on their website. I used to read the chapters from these books according to GATE syllabus then make short notes and at last solve problems given in exercises. Previous year GATE PE papers were very helpful in understanding the type of questions being asked.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

From before only, I had a little more inclination towards Aptitude and Engg. Maths. So I used to solve Aptitude and Engg Maths questions daily since last 4-5 months. This helped me achieve 15/15 in aptitude section and also I was able to solve almost all the Engg. Maths questions too. Rest, I don’t have any strong or weak subjects as I try to develop equal proficiency in all of them.

Books and e-sources

According to me, the following books are a must read for any GATE PE aspirant.

subject Books refereed
Engineering Maths MADE EASY GATE Engg. Maths book
Oil & Gas Drilling H.Rabia and Heriot-Watt University book
Formation Evaluation Heriot-Watt and SLB Openhole Logs
Reservoir Engineering Tarek Ahmed 4th Ed
Well Testing Tarek Ahmed & McKinney and J. Lee
Production Engineering Boyun Guo and Heriot-Watt Univ
Exploration, EOR, Offshore, HSE & Latest Trends Follow IIT (ISM) proff. notes provided on GATE AIOTS PE website

Aptitude Section:
According to me the best method of aptitude preparation is downloading last 5 yrs GATE papers of all branches from GATE website and solving each and every aptitude section.

Mock Tests

I attempted GATE AIOTS PE online test series and I personally consider it as the best for GATE Petroleum Engineering. Mock Tests and Online Test Series are a simulation of the real exam and help you give a feel of the real exam and the exam pressure involved. Hence it is very much recommended to join atleast 1 test series and attempt it diligently.

Examination Day

I attempted the Aptitude section first and tried to complete it within 20 mins and then moved on to the Engineering section and attempted it sequentially.


I will be revising the GATE PE syllabus again for ONGC interview. However for any interview few things need to be prepared for sure i.e. your internship, B.Tech project, research work or papers if any and most importantly be clear with your basics.

Future Plans

I plan to join ONGC. I will apply to ONGC when their online application portal opens in April.

Advice to fellow students

“Decide, set an aim and thereafter bash on regardless. Go like a fanatic, achieve that”- Col. S. S. Shekawat (21 ParaSF).