Sumit Singh - GATE 2018 AIR 46 Instrumentation Engineering - Bihar, Patna
Sumit Singh

My name is Sumit Singh. I am from Patna, Bihar. I have secured AIR 46 in Instrumentation Engineering paper with 77.33 marks. I did my B.Tech in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia, W.B in the year 2017. I came to know about GATE exam during my 4th sem and at that time I thought of taking GATE. Being from a lower middle class family the main motive of taking GATE is to get into PSUs jobs so that I can support my family.

My first reaction

Frankly speaking I was neutral when I saw the result. I was neither happy nor sad because my main aim hasn’t achieved yet which is getting one of the PSU jobs.

For the result I want to thank the almighty god, my grandparents, mom, dad, all my college teachers, all my friends especially Pritam Kundu and Kangkan Das and all faculties of ACE Engineering Academy, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.

A big thanks to my mom and dad for having their utmost belief in me and letting me drop an year for GATE preparation despite of knowing the fact that I had failed miserably in GATE 2017 (last year I didn’t even manage to qualify).


Yes I joined ACE Engineering Academy, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad in June 19, 2017. It helped me a lot. The faculties there were just awesome. Anyone can start loving the subjects by the way they teach.

Pros — You don’t have to go through books because classroom notes would be more than enough. There will be healthy competition. They will teach right from basics and go upto very standard level. Teachers were very supportive. They were highly knowledgeable.

Cons — The only con is that the schedule will be a bit hectic since they have to complete the syllabus as soon as possible so that we can have enough time for self study before exam but you can still have 3 to 6 hours for studying after the daily classes.


A. Study schedule:

Being one of the class topper, I was good at basics except few subjects like analog electronics and network theory. I was very weak at these two subjects because during my 3rd sem I didn’t study well. One thing I want to clear here that being a class topper is one thing and being good at basics is other. You know how easy it is to score 9 pointer in university exams. Just practise last 3 to 5 year papers and you will easily score 9 point. Since I made up myself for taking GATE in my 4th sem so my main focus was to gain knowledge not just to study for pointers. During my college days its not possible for me to join any coaching due to financial problems. So I used to do self study. I used to browse YouTube for that. During my college time there were very few good videos on YouTube.

After college, in June I get myself enrolled at ACE Engineering Academy, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad classroom coaching program. The classes used to be of 7 hours approx. Daily I used to study for 3 to 5 hours and on Sunday for 6 to 10 hours. Whatever was taught in the classes I used to study that on the very same day and used to solve the booklet (vol1 and vol2) questions. I used to revise periodically during my coaching phase so that I can’t forget anything easily. My classes ended by the end of 1st week of November and I had already done all my subjects along with revision of every subject twice except analogs and aptitude. I had left analogs for last since it was least interesting subject to me. I knew, if I will keep it for the last then I will complete it for sure since at that time I would have no other choices left rather than completing it. By November 15 I completed it too. From Nov 15 to Jan 31, I just revised my whole syllabus 4 to 5 times along with taking online test. During this 3 month time before exam I used to devote 12 to 14 hours excluding all breaks. I used to sleep for 8 hours daily. I have gone through many toppers blogs where they had recommended to sleep for 8 hours so I followed that. I had always studied during night time as at that time the atmosphere is very silent but while preparing GATE this year I changed this habit because it will create trouble during main exam as every exam is in day time not night. So I changed my body clock during Gate preparation which was quite difficult initially but later proved very beneficial.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

I don’t have any strong subject but I love studying Control Systems, Digital Electronics, Sensors and Industrial Instrumentation, Signals and Systems.

My weak subjects were Analog Electronics and Network Theory. Since I know these were my weak subject so I dedicated more time to them. For analogs I followed my ACE class notes, Learning Z Everything YouTube channel and question bank. I didn’t solve vol1 and vol2 of ace material for this as previous year questions were more than enough.

For networks I just followed my ACE class notes and previous year papers. For this too I didn’t solve vol1 and vol2 as ACE class notes had ample amount of good questions that too from different branches like ECE and EE and also from standard books.

Books and e-sources

See I didn’t follow any book during my whole preparation since ACE classroom notes were best. But for future aspirants I would like to say that if you get struck somewhere then only refer some standard books. Don’t keep wasting time going through books.

Recommended books —>>

  • Control – NORMAN NISE
  • Digital – MORRIS MANO
  • Analog – SEDRA SMITH
  • Measurement – AK SHAWNEY
  • Transducers – E.O DOEBLIN

eResources —>>

Learning Z Everything YouTube channel (I followed few lecture of Analogs), kreatryx YouTube channel (I used to follow those 10 minutes videos that Ankit sir uploads daily), Gate Academy YouTube channel (I followed only 2 lecture of diodes).

Aptitude Section:
During my college placements one of the Made Easy’s faculty came to teach quantitative aptitude for about 15 hours. I followed his notes. I also followed test series questions, previous year question, GATE Academy videos by Saurabh sir and Carrier-ride YouTube channel. I started aptitude in January and devoted 1 to 2 hour daily. Please don’t take aptitude lightly. Any good ranker scores 13 to 15 marks in this section. This section will act as a rank booster.

Mock Tests

Yes I purchased ACE and Made Easy’s test series. I also took CBT1 of Made Easy and ACE’s Pre Gate.

Yes, mock tests are necessary for success. As water is necessary for life so do the mocks to secure good rank. The main motive of mock should not to just score marks but to improve accuracy and speed along with time management. Analyse the test series mistakes and write them on paper and don’t repeat them in future. Don’t bother about marks in tests. My avg marks in Made Easy’s test series were 56 with minimum marks of 42 and max marks of 68. And in ACE test it was 50 with minimum marks as 32 and maximum marks as 58.

I would recommend future aspirants to take ACE as well as Made Easy test series. ACE’s test series level is bit tougher than GATE but it will be very helpful when paper comes tough as of year 2012 and 2014. It will also help in handeling the pressure because many aspirants don’t even try the questions when they see any tough questions in the paper. Made Easy’s test is at par GATE level and it will be helpful very much as it is of GATE paper’s level. Don’t even think that ACE test series is tough so no need to take that. Also take Pre Gate of ACE and Made Easy’s CBT. The software for ACE Pre Gate is 100% similar to that of Gate’s so in GATE exam you will feel like you are taking one of the PRE GATE of ACE.

Examination Day

See during mocks 1st 10-15 mins was for aptitude. Next 25-35 mins for 1 marks tech and next 45-55 mins for 2 marks tech and then in remaining time I used to solve marked for review questions. I always attempt the paper in two attempt. In first attempt I used to solve only easy ques and meanwhile I mark calculative questions for the next attempt.

Surprisingly, in GATE my above mentioned time management failed. I solved every questions two times so that my accuracy would be better because I don’t want to risk in the main exam. I solved aptitude for first 20 minutes then going through 1 mark tech followed by 2 mark. Till 4.15 p.m I had gone through whole paper and I had only solved only 35 ques out of 65. At that moment I got a feeling that I had messed up this year and got feeling of giving up. At that time I just closed my eyes and just remembered that this type of giving up feeling or situation used to happen during mocks and whenever I didn’t give up there then I had scored exceptionally well so here also I still have 45 minutes and lets give my best shot. During these last 45 minutes I only focused on 2 marks question. At the end I had attempted 56 ques of around 84 marks.

According to me one should allot time as below:-

  • Apti = 15 to 20 minutes
  • 1mark tech = 40 to 45 minutes
  • 2mark tech = 1.30 to 1.45 minutes
  • And remaining time for the very toughest ques which are basically framed to distinguish between toppers.


Since I hadn’t gone through any interview process so I can’t answer this.

Advice to fellow students

See there are basically two types of students. One who studies honestly and the other one who pretend to study honestly. Don’t be the 2nd one. Work hard, believe in God and yourself.

Practise and revision are the two keys of success. Don’t compare your marks of any test with anyone. Comparison should be done with yourself as you are the only competitor there.

Never ever give up whatever the situation is. You give up, game over.

And luck k bharose mat baitho, kya pata luck tumhare bharose baitha pda ho.

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl but always keep moving on.

And one last thing, If you want something you never had, then you have to do something you never did.