Sabhasachi Pobi - GATE 2018 AIR 6 Instrumentation Engineering - Durgapur, West Bengal
Sabhasachi Pobi

I am Sabhasachi Pobi from Durgapur, West Bengal. I belong from a middle class family. I pursued my B tech from Asansol Engineering College in electronics and instrumentation engineering in 2017. This was my second attempt in GATE.

Actually I wanted to get a good job in core sector after my B tech. In my first attempt I decided very late for taking preparation for GATE exam and got rank 196. So I decided to take a second chance for achieving the heights I wanted. So I didn’t give up my preparation and full heartedly started after my final semester examination which was all around July.

My first reaction

I calculated my marks and thought that rank may be under 10. So I was very excited after seeing this rank. I firstly want to dedicate my success to the God and to my family as they motivated me in every stage of my preparation.


I didn’t joined any coaching centre rather I believed on self study. Basically, I joined few of the online test series for practicing the mock tests and subject topics.


A. Study schedule:

I didn’t planned any fixed schedule for studying. During my college studies, I focused on strengthening the main subjects. I usually studied anytime depending on my mood of studying. Mainly concentrated on learning concepts during the morning time and spend for mock test & its analysis on the afternoon and during the evening time solved the numerical problems of the standard text books related to my subjects in the evening.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

Now talking about the subjects which I feel strong enough is Circuit Theory, Control System, Digital Electronics, Engg. Mathematics because my base was quite clear on these subjects. As I said earlier to be good on any subjects you need to first follow the standard text books on building concepts because if you have concepts clear you can crack any sort of challenging problems. Previously I used to face some portions in Analog Electronics, Communication and Measurements subjects, but to overcome to this problem, this year I spent a lot of time on problem solving and learning concepts on those subjects which in turn helped me to strengthen those subjects too.

Books and e-sources

Now talking about the recommended books, for circuit theory I basically followed Hayt Keemerly, for Analog Electronics followed Sedra Smith, for Control System followed Norman & Nise, for Signal Systems followed Oppenhiem, for Digital Electronics mainly followed the Made Easy books, for Engg. Mathematics followed B.S. Grewal, for Sensor & Transducer followed A.K Sawney and P Bentley, for Measurement subjects followed Made Easy books and A.K Sawney, for Communication followed B.P Lathi and Haykins.

Aptitude Section:
For aptitude preparation I majorly prepared it by solving the mock tests or subject test on it, also sometimes used to follow books like R.S Aggarwal and Made Easy books.

Mock Tests

I have taken three online test series from Made Easy, Ace Academy and Gate Academy. We all know that practice makes a man perfect, so if you just preparing your subjects blindly without giving any exams prior to the main exam you may not succeed to that extent that you want. As you need to simultaneously access the concepts that you are building while studying and for that you need to practice as many mock tests and also analyse every test so that you are aware of the mistakes you did in the previous test so that you build the missing concepts so that you do not make the same mistake again on the future tests.

Examination Day

Now sequence of attempting questions depends upon the comfort zone of any individual. In my case, at first I attempted the 2 marks questions of technical, then the 1 marks questions of technical section and lastly the aptitude section. For attempting the 2 marks technical questions, I spent around 1 hr 20 mins, 1 marks technical questions around 40 mins and 20 mins on aptitude sections and the remaining 40/45 on revision on some doubtful attempted and unsolved previous questions.

Future Plans

I am more passionate on learning new areas of Electronics as I have a soft corner of joining some very good analog or core sector of electronics. So, I am likely to join the best IITs/IISc to get Masters in Microelectronics.

Advice to fellow students

I think student should focus on building the fundamental concepts related to their subjects rather than blindly follow to any coaching centre because if you study only selective concepts then you cannot enjoy or solve all the problems, for that you need to have depth of the subjects. Also practice as many different types and levels of problems as one can. Finally, I would to like to say All the Best to the future aspirants.