Saideep Cherukuri - GATE 2018 AIR 9 Electronics and Communication - Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Saideep Cherukuri

Basically I am a student of NIT Raipur of batch 2012-2016. I started my preparation for GATE during my final year days but I could not get good rank that time because I didn’t have proper guidance and I don’t know the path to be followed but that preparation helped me to gain entrance into a MNC company (oil and gas).

After that I worked there for one year and I felt myself down as I could not use my knowledge and skills in that industry. I finally decided to quit from the company and want to do something in my related field to people so my focus shifted to IES (Indian Engineering Services). I wanted to join a good coaching institute as I am bit lagging in basics and then I joined ACE academy spark batch in Hyderabad of IES batch.

My first reaction

I felt good but I did not frankly expected single digit. I joined Ace academy for IES but they gave so much knowledge and confidence that I could get a good rank in GATE that I just studied in last one month I would like to give credit to my family who are with me in every turn of my life whether it is good or bad. Equally I want to thank Ace academy for their continuous motivation.


Yes I joined ACE academy in Hyderabad for IES and GATE. I joined in spark batch which I would strongly recommend if any one is weak in basics and want to join in any institute. After getting here I got better perspective of every concept and especially in spark batch they used to cover a lot of new concepts.

Strong basics, best approach to every question.

I personally felt Ace academy provides study rooms at free of cost where everyone can come and study during class hours from 7:00am to 8:30 pm it will be lot helpful to students who cannot study in hostels due to disturbance.

The professor’s speed is bit high especially during ending sessions so it will be lot difficult to cope with them.

The schedule is very cruel as we don’t even get time to revise enough some times, the timings are from morning 6:30 to evening 8:30 (for IES + GATE) so your health may effect.


A. Study schedule:

I do not have any particular kind of schedule but I am a night owl so I used to study in night hours so I would suggest everyone to find their own comfortable time and study. I used to study with lot of concentration whether it may be one hour. But I would strongly recommend to stay away from social media.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

Yeah I used to have little problems in few subjects and I concentrated them and finally I may not be expert but I could solve maximum of the questions. My weak subjects used to be digital communication and digital electronics. My strong subjects include Analog electronics and EMT where I scored most out of in final exam, also I gave bit little time to them compared to other subjects rest of the subjects I gave almost same time.

Books and e-sources

I would suggest to solve as many problems as possible from any book (solved or unsolved) in particular I did not follow any book but I used to solve previous IES and GATE questions quite often as maximum of the questions are of same model by end you should be at least thorough with all the questions.

Aptitude Section:
I felt initially confident about aptitude part but when I started giving mock tests I could not get beyond 10 marks in aptitude section and then I concentrated more on English part. I started solving every question of critical reasoning as they are asking questions from that topic every year. I solved all the material questions they given us and then some tips to solve them from internet, finally I am confident enough at the end I got full marks in aptitude section in final exam.

Mock Tests

Yes I attended mock tests of Ace and GATE academy and some tests of Allen. I could not start giving test series from starting as I was preparing for IES too but I started around January second week for GATE they really helped me a lot in fact I got to know about all my mistakes from them. I feel they are important if your are not confident enough about topics.

I would suggest go for Ace and any other combination. As with Ace test series the questions are too tough and we will loose confidence some times so I used to switch to GATE Academy where the questions are tricky but not tough they used to boost my confidence.

Examination Day

I feel this is the most important thing while writing the exam. I will say about myself first I used to have lot of speed but with very low accuracy rate so I was in a notion that I should solve maximum number of questions but after writing so many test series I found it is better to do the questions which I know correct rather than doing every question, then I started giving time dead lines to each question.

I used to solve all the one mark and aptitude questions in first one hour and then I used to take one and half hour for rest two mark questions but I did not waste much time in any question.

I felt the time to each section should be around for:

  1. aptitude :10-15 min
  2. 1 mark 40 -50 min
  3. 2 marks 70-80 min

You should complete the exam half hour prior so that you can just have a glance of entire paper once again may be this time you can solve questions that earlier you could not.


I would suggest to fix the target initially and then prepare accordingly.

I haven’t attended any interview in IITs and PSUs till now but to my knowledge mainly they will concentrate on basics so you have to be clear about basic concepts.

Future Plans

I want to do Mtech in microelectronics from IISC for now.

Advice to fellow students

I would like to say about three points that helped me you a lot

  • I attended every single class and I did not even miss a single note book question, if you joined any academy I would suggest you also do it as maximum of the GATE questions are direct from class room problems.
  • This factor played a major role in my rank. WRITING SHORT NOTES this may feel silly but it will help you a lot at the end because you will be attending a lot of exams but you won’t have enough time to go through every concept every time so this short notes come into picture then and will help you a lot. I used to give a lot time for writing short notes covering each and every point.
  • Test Series, they will help you in identifying in weak zones and rectify them, try to give as many as tests as possible but don’t feel bad about marks because you are writing to identify your weak zones.

I want to say one quote that changed my life “Between stimulus and response man has the freedom to choose” whatever may be the result stay calm and confident you will succeed in life.

Finally I would like to thank Expstreet for helping students and making their preparation easy.