Anurag Choudhury - GATE 2018 AIR 15 Electronics and Communication - Faridabad, Haryana
Anurag Choudhury

I have done my B.E from Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. I graduated in 2015, after which I worked at Infosys for 2 years. I left my job in 2017 to prepare for GATE-2018. I dedicated a complete 1 year for GATE preparation. My main motivation towards giving GATE exam was better career opportunities.

My first reaction

I was very happy to see my result. At the end all my hard work paid off. I dedicate my result to my parents and faculty members of ACE academy. Of course there are many more people, but I can’t name everyone.


Initially I did self study. Later I joined coaching (ACE academy Delhi) for guidance. One downside of any coaching is that, if your concepts are weak in any area don’t miss even an hour lecture from that topic. Nothing is going to be repeated for you. Then you have to rely on your friends for that topic and they may not be able to explain that topic properly.


A. Study schedule:

I didn’t have a schedule as such. But the key steps in my preparation were, first getting my concepts clear from the reference books, making short notes, solving previous year GATE questions and as many quality questions as possible and finally giving full length Mock tests.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

During my preparation I faced difficulty understanding random variables and noise in communication. But I solved a lot of questions from those topics and got my concepts clear later on. I also faced accuracy issues with EDC problems, which also I rectified somewhat by solving questions and practicing on virtual calculator.

Aptitude Section:
By solving previous year questions and Mock test questions.

Mock Tests

Yes, Mock tests are very important. They teach you time management. You can join ACE and Made Easy mocks. But I have heard kreatryx mock tests are also very good.

Examination Day

It depends from person to person and the paper on that day. Sometimes 1 mark questions are lengthier and trickier than 2 mark questions. This time management you can understand only after giving Mock tests.


Currently I still haven’t given any interviews. You can find the interview experience of other candidates in Quora. That too in detail.

Future Plans

I have planned for higher education.

Advice to fellow students

GATE exam has become so competitive in the last 4-5 years that you can’t afford to leave any subject. You need to do all the subjects. Secondly have faith in yourself and stay clam in the final exam.