Sonu Sharma - - AIR 4 GATE 2017 - Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh
Sonu Sharma

I, Sonu Sharma hail from Sidhi (M.P.), graduated from JEC Jabalpur in 2013 and post graduated from IIT Kanpur in 2015. I worked as assistant professor for 6 month and left the job to dedicate myself for GATE. This was my 3rd GATE attempt, my first attempt was in 2013 when I secured AIR 280 then in 2016 AIR 1495 and in 2017 AIR 4. This time I appeared in GATE to get top PSUs.

My first reaction

Reaction was amazing and cannot be described in words. I would like to dedicate my success to my teacher Chandrakanta Mishra Sir and my mother.

Preparation Methodology

A. Study Schedule
I used to wake up around 7 in summer and 9 in winter. After that used to give my 3 hr for revision which is most important thing when you are in competition. Rest of the day was randomly given to reading books making notes and practice either previous year problems of ece/ee/in or solved/unsolved problems of books or practice from social network like there are groups for study in fb and whatsapp.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?) :
Communication was week initially so started working on it from the beginning and it was always my priority first. Whenever a problem comes I always try to attack on it and still if I find there is difficulty used to consult with books always. To overcome this I have read many
books like proakis couch hykins, Carlson, Tomasi and many more.

Books and e-sources

  • Network – Sadiku or Hayt & Kammerley
  • Signal – Oppenheim
  • Control – Ogata or Norman Nise
  • EMT – M. N. O. Sadiku or Hayt
  • Digital electronics – Morris Mano
  • Microprocessor – K Udaya Kumar & B. S. Uma Shankar
  • Electronic Devices –Donald A. Neamen or Streetman
  • Analog circuit – Behzad Razavi and Sedra & Smith or Donald A Neamen
  • Communication – Proakis & Salehi and Carlson
  • Mathematics – BS Grewal

Aptitude Section:
Never prepared them, always did them on the spot. Practiced with aptitude only when I used to attempt full length test series. If one wants to prepare he can follow arun sharma book of quantitative aptitude or one can watch lectures on YouTube channel Study Smart by Chandrahas.

Self-study or Coaching

I joined chadrakant sir’s online classes for GATE. He is already GATE ranker this year he also got AIR 27. He is ocean of knowledge.

Mock tests

Yes TEST SERIES is most important thing in any competition. In test series you are allowed to do all the mistakes and can work on it later which might not be repeated in GATE exam. If you are error free you accuracy is higher. With the accuracy you can beat anyone.

I attended ACE (all tests), Kreatryx (all tests) and Made easy (only 10 full length tests). I think ace always maintains its quality and one must join this.

Examination day

First 15-20 minutes for aptitude then 1 marks for 30-35 minutes rest for 2 marks which can be solved easily. Strategy was like not to solve all in one round for example I gave 20 minutes for aptitude in first round then after one round I went to aptitude section again for
another 10 minutes and tried those which were not solved or were likely to be solved. Likewise same strategy for 1 marks and 2 marks. I used to do revision on the spot after solving the question therefore I did not spare time for revision at the end.


IITs concern only technical with basics and fundamentals. But psus interview depends on AIR. In ONGC only HR questions and my project were asked, in PGCIL they had chat related to current affairs and general knowledge with everyone like who do you think is the best PM of INDIA and why and in technical portion they asked me Mtech project, in HAL some HR questions and what did I study in Mtech and questions related to Mtech Subject.

NTPC was quite random no HR questions not even tell me about yourself, interview was solely related to technical in which they asked me control, power amplifiers and some data acquisition.

PS One having good concept need not to worry about technical portion in any interviews.

Future Plans

PSUs for now and some part time work related to my passion.

Advice to fellow students

Strongly follow books and do solve previous year problems and do not forget to revise properly. At the end test series is deciding factor. Don’t worry about your marks in test series always ignore whether it is good or poor.