Sunil Kumar Pattnayak
Sunil Kumar Pattnayak

My name is Sunil Kumar Pattnayak. I am from Odisha belonging to Brahmapur. I was actually willing to get into something related to my area of studies which implies doing MTech from a reputed organisation and for that GATE is required. I started preparing for GATE after my final year though I was good at studies during my BTech.

My first reaction

Well I was speechless for around 10 mins. and I couldn’t sleep that night when the result got published.

I would like to give all the credits (95%) to the authors of those books who made me realise my dream.(is that funny??), 4% credits go to all the teachers of ACE and 1% goes to me.


I took coaching in ACE for 5 months. Everything depends upon your perspective towards the examination. Its not a very difficult task to get into top50 (though very difficult to get 95/100 actual marks). Potential and interest matters. If you have at least a solid basic knowledge in your subjects there is no need to go for any institute. After all its the self study after coaching that really helped me for this.


a. Study schedule
Read as per my convenience. No fixed schedule. Just love what you read. They will pay you back for sure.

b. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
Communication was my only weak area and I devoted one year properly for this subject. (Joined MTech in telecomm after preparation of one year in ACE)

Books and e-sources

For exams I wouldn’t bother you by telling names of dangerous books. But if you really love to study then go through all standard text books (basically foreign author books as they are quite good at conceptual levels and it is highly essential for your GATE preparation).

Aptitude Section:
It is not required at all. A 7th class student could do all questions asked in GATE (though 1 mark I couldn’t do in the exam).

Mock tests

Though I couldn’t go for mock tests even though I joined MADEeasy and ace test series. I think this is the most important part of your preparation.

Examination day

It is not right to tell a particular strategy for this as everybody has their comfort zone. That’s why Mock tests are essential as they will show you how to attempt questions within the time span. Still personally I would suggest to go for 2 mark questions first. As that will help you getting marks if you run short of time.


I joined IISc in Microelectronics stream. So I really didn’t prepared for any IIT interview. Well after cracking GATE it should not be difficult for you to crack just an IIT interview. Regarding PSU interviews from my experience I wouldn’t suggest you to prepare. Because the kind of questions asked there either all you will answer or none will.

Future Plans

MTech (ME in microelectronics from IISc). Baad me sochenge…

Advice to fellow students

For those preparing for Gate exam next year I would only say one thing. Just read from standard text books and try to understand the concepts from wherever possible (NPTEL video/MIT video/e-resources). That’s the key guys. Be ready for the exam before one month. And then go for mocks.