Devendra Chaudhary - GATE 2018 AIR 5 Electrical Engineering - Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Devendra Chaudhary

I, Devendra Chaudhary, am a student of EE in HBTU KANPUR. I am going to complete my BTech degree this year. I basically belong to VILLA-mani garhi, district – Mathura. I secured AIR 05 in GATE 2018 EE in my first attempt. I decided to prepare for GATE in third year of my under graduate program. I was inspired from PRAKHAR PANDEY, my senior who secured AIR 12 in GATE 2017 EE. I was motivated and confident, that’s why I was able to score well in GATE.

My first reaction

I was really happy after viewing my result. I made my parents feel proud. I would like to give credit of this achievement to my family, my teachers and almighty God.


I did not joined any coaching institute. I studied by myself at my room.


A. Study schedule:

As it was first time I was preparing for GATE, I had to adjust my preparation timing with my college timing, therefore study schedule was not fixed as such. But I was serious and sincere towards my preparation. I loved to do questions by out of track methods. In last one month duration when I came to know that Gate exam will be conducted on 10th February in evening shift, I decided to study till late night upto 5 to 5.30 am. I took minimum 6 hours sleep and gave mock tests from 2.00 to 5.00 pm in actual GATE exam like environment.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

I used to struggle in analog electronics and electrical machine little bit. I solved R.K kanodia volume of these subjects which really helped me a lot. I completed whole syllabus from MadeEasy study material and some difficult subjects from video lecture by Amir Hussain sir on Youtube. I really enjoyed my preparation.

Aptitude Section:
For aptitude section, I solved previous year questions of GATE. My mathematics portion was strong so it required less effort. If anyone is not good in mathematics then he/she should prepare maths first very well, it will help you in all subjects of engineering. And more important, have a good common sense. I solved aptitude questions of mock tests that I gave. This is quite enough for aptitude section.

Mock Tests

I joined 3 test series namely ACE, MADE EASY AND KREATRYX. I solved all full length mock tests of these test series. I solved individual subject tests of ACE AND MADE EASY as well. I did not let any mistake go without rectifying it. I got a good confidence and time management skill. Test series play a crucial role in scoring good in GATE exam. I strongly recommend to attempt test series as much as you can after completing your syllabus.

Examination Day

When I started my preparation, I used to think that I can score even 100 marks if have enough patience, balanced state of mind and good accuracy. I always tried to solve mock tests fully. Though I did not reached the target that I was thinking in any of the test series, except in one mathematics test in which I got 100% marks. But I never lost my hope. My each mistake taught me something and finally in GATE 2018 EE, I was able to score 88.33.


I want to join PSUs. ONGC is my first choice. As I scored well so chances are very good. By the way, I am preparing technical again and For HR questions, I am ready to face them naturally.

Future Plans

I believe in making plans of my life step by step. Today, I do not have plan for whole life.

Advice to fellow students

To GATE 2019 aspirants I would like to say that: Follow a trusted study material for your preparation, DO NOT waste time on unnecessary things, invest sufficient time on your weak areas, solve previous year question paper books at least twice, try to finish your full syllabus by September last week and October first week.

After completing full syllabus you can go for test series, as I said test series play a key role to get a good rank so join at least 2 test series and give as many mock tests as possible. Have patience, try to give all the mock tests in GATE exam like environment. Keep your friend circle positive. Discuss your doubts with other serious aspirants, this will help you to know various approaches to single question. Trust yourself, trust your study material, keep yourself self-motivated, do not give discontinuity in your preparation. Keep yourself away from social media as much as possible. There will be ups and downs in your preparation but believe me you will love your result finally and you will thank me for such a nice motivation.