Sumit Rathi - AIR 37 Electrical GATE 2016 - Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh
Sumit Rathi

My name is Sumit Rathi and I did my B.Tech from ISM Dhanbad, now it is IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, Jharkhand in the year 2016. I belong to a middle class family, my father is a farmer, my mother is housewife and my brother is in graduation.

In september, I got campus placement in L&T construction and after reviewing the senior experiences about L&T work life culture, why they switched to PSUs after 2-3 years? It was during that period I decided to give GATE exam.

My first reaction

I knew that I would be in the top 50 as per the gate answer key released earlier but still watching your result was a great feeling. AIR 37 was acceptable for me but at the same time I felt little bit sad as I could have achieved more than that if silly mistakes were minimised.

I would like to give the credit to my family, my friend Suresh Dudi who provide me the material for study, and a special friend Aarohi Joshi who always motivated me.


I started preparing seriously from the very first day as it was last week of September and I had only 4 months, I didn’t read theory as the same I was learning since 4 years, therefore I only solved the problems from the Kanodia and joined the test series so that I can compare and explore myself with others.

I think self-study is enough if you are really serious about GATE exam and really want to crack it. But if you are passed out and sound in both time and money than you should join a coaching classroom as it reduces your preparation time, but remember that without self study coaching is of no use.


A. Study schedule
I was not having any time table schedule as I also have to attend the semester classes and practical labs, but whenever I got time I used to study but besides that I have the study schedule as GATE is a more problematic paper so I emphasized on problems solving more.

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
Strong and weak subject vary from person to person. The subjects you like more becomes your strong subject. You have to keep a balance between all the subjects. If you ask about my strong and weak subjects than control system, power system network theory were my strength and power electronics I haven’t prepared in a detailed manner.

Books and e-sources

I generally avoid reading the books that we used to study in our course as they are time consuming. I advice to follow RK Kanodia.

Aptitude Section:
I didn’t prepared for aptitude section as the questions are not much difficult and I think every engineer can score at least 13 out of 15 without any preparation.

Mock tests

Yes, I had enrolled for MadeEasy and ACE online test series. They are very important according to me. Preparing is one thing, but analysing yourself is the key point to succeed. From mock tests we can come to know our weakness and strengths. According to me this should be attempted with much focus and seriously. In engineer’s language “KITNA RATTA MAROGE 3 SAAL SE YAHI TO KARTE AAYE HO AB BAS TEST DO OR FINAL YEAR ENJOY KARO”.

Examination day

I didn’t thought of time management, I started attempting from the very first question in a sequential manner. I think those who prepare well and attempted the test series seriously, time is not a problem at all you can finish your exam before the time.


If you scored a decent rank than you need not to worry about the interviews, just enjoy the life before the professional life to start. And if one is really curious about them also than you can download a app for GD, as the topic are very general one can speak well. GD doesn’t matter much most of the guys gets more or less same marks. But don’t take interview lightly, it matters a lot and you can be disqualified even if you are the AIR1, interviews basically comprise of HR questions. I Appeared in GAIL, NTPC, IOCL, PGCIL, BHEL interviews, only NTPC and BHEL interviews were the more technical based and the rest were basically HR based.

Future Plans

I have joined IOCL as a officer and currently I don’t have any future plans.

Advice to fellow students

As gate exam is more problems based so try to solve more number of numerical problems. Cover all the basics of power system, machines, power electronics, network theory, control system. Be positive and motivated throughout the whole preparations.