Bijan Sarangi
Bijan Sarangi

I am Bijan Sarangi. I hail from Baripada, a town in ​Odisha​. ​I come from a middle class family. My father is a state govt employee and my mother is homemaker. I have two elder sisters as well.

When I was in my final year, I actually realized the importance of Gate exam. As all must be aware of the placement of different colleges in our country, a good satisfying job after BTech is very rare. You have to clear any national level exam or go for higher studies. As I was good with my engineering subjects already, I opted for GATE rather than other non-engineering exams.​​

My first reaction

Gate result was announced to be declared on march 12th. But it got released the previous night. I was outside that time. One of my​ ​friend told me that gate result has been published. I became anxious to check but couldn’t check as ​I​ was having no data pack in mobile. I reached my room at 10’o clock night. There was a very heavy traffic at the site that time. I couldn’t see my result with two attempts. I got lucky 3rd time. The page was loading slowly. Finger crossed. I was very nervous that time. I saw some 46 in that page and 66.32. Ohh thank god. That was my first reaction. I was very happy. I was sure of getting a rank below 200 but didn’t expected a two digit rank. I called my home and friends and told them about my result. Everyone was happy and congratulated me.​


I have appeared in Gate 2014 also. That time I couldn’t prepare well due to final year projects, seminars etc. But from july, 2014 I started preparing seriously for Gate 2015. My preparation strategy was no different. It was just like a basic preparation. First I tried to cover the whole Syllabus, then revised for 3 times then wrote sufficient mock tests. That was all.

Coaching is not necessary for a good rank. It only helps to reduce your preparation time. As Gate is a technical exam, you need to be clear in many concepts and solve so many problems and know so many tricks. In this context, a good coaching institute comes handy.​


​I just sticked to the basic throughout my preparation. I used to follow the notes. As Gate is a more problematic paper, I emphasized on solving numericals more​. I revised 3 times before writing mock tests. In the last month, I didn’t study anything new, just wrote many mock tests and analysed them thoroughly.

Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
​Strong and weak subject is a relative matter from preparation point of view. The subjects you like most, is thought to be your strongest subject but that might not be that case. You have to make a balance between all the subjects and be strong in all the subjects. If you ask my strong and weak subjects then network theory, control system I thought to be my strength and electromagnetic theory I haven’t prepared well as I couldn’t manage my time. But it is not advised at all. One should cover all the subjects in a detailed manner from Gate point of view smartly.​

Books and e-sources

I generally avoid books as they are very time consuming. I only refer books for some reference with respect to some concepts. For all these preparation tips and books and all, I advise all to follow and the corresponding blog, developed by ankit goyal.

Aptitude Section:
Aptitude section comprises of 15 marks (10 questions). The questions are generally not that much difficult or creative. They can be attempted with simple preparation. For English questions, a little bit extra preparation and care is needed. ​

Mock tests

Yeah, I have enrolled for MadeEasy and ACE online test series. They are very important according to me. One can assess oneself from the mock tests, his weak areas, strengths everything. They should be attempted with much focus and seriously. After each exam, analysis is also very important. One should give sufficient time for analysis of that specific paper after each mock test.

Examination day

​I have previously divided my 3 hours time for each section. First 20 minutes for Aptitude, then 1 hour for 2 mark questions and then 40 minutes for 1 mark questions. I have targeted to complete the first round of paper in 2 hours. Whichever questions, I found difficult to solve, I kept it for 2nd round solving. In last 1 hour I tried to solve the questions which I had left in my first round for ​rechecking or resolving.


​Interview preparation is also very much defined and can be done well with systematic preparation. Some PSUs stress upon HR questions and some stress upon technical aspects. So preparation should be done accordingly. But one thing, interviews shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Future Plans

​I have joined Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) as an officer, recruited through gate 2015, group discussion, group task and interview. Currently I don’t have any future plans. But I am thinking of writing engineering service exam. ​

Advice to fellow students

Gate exam needs very specific, defined preparation. It is a blend of hard work, smart work and a good strategy. Every aspirant should be very positive and motivated throughout the entire preparation. Everyone can do well if the preparation is good.​