Adarsh Jaju - AIR 7 GATE 2017 - Kalamb, Maharashtra
Pinal Rana

I Adarsh Jaju, from Kalamb, Maharashtra. I am a hockey player. I was not satisfied with the companies that visit our college for placement and also the packages offered by the companies and was interested in higher studies, so I decided to prepare for Gate exam in my final year.

My first reaction

I was expecting my rank in that range, because many online rank predictions were in that range. I will like to give my credit to my friends, family and especially my father Rahul Jaju and uncle Jagdish Jaju, it was not possible without their support.

Preparation Methodology

A. Study Schedule
Because of my final year, I could only give 2 complete months for my Gate preparation. Daily study of 8 hours, first 5 hours for theory, concepts and remaining 3 hours solving questions of those topics.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?) :
For strong and weak subjects :

  • I : Strong subject and high weightage in gate exam (above 7).
  • II : Weak subject and high weightage in gate exam.
  • III : Strong subject and less weightage.
  • IV : Weak Subject and less weightage.

First clear all the subjects that falls into Ist category, then IInd , followed by IIIrd and at last IVth.

Books and e-sources

For Computer/IT MadeEasy and Vani institutes are good, their class notes are enough and complete for gate preparation. MadeEasy study material is excellent for gate preparation. These notes are complete for gate preparation, no need to do refer any books beyond that.

Aptitude Section:
No, as you can see the paper, the aptitude questions were easy, no need to study or practice that section, you can solve previous years aptitude questions if you want.

Self-study or Coaching

I joined Vani institute in Pune. Their class notes were good and each and every topic was covered. I only revised my Vani class notes, nothing extra, no reference books. Vani institute has excellent teaching staff, their booklets are not good.

Mock tests

I think every gate aspirant should apply and give MadeEasy test series, they maintain the same difficulty level and you get similar score in the final gate exam.

Examination day

First solve the aptitude section it is less time consuming, and then then technical part. First solve 1 mark questions and 2 mark questions.

Future Plans

I got admission in IIT Bombay, I want to get placed in a good company.

Advice to fellow students

Everyone should give the test series at least 2, it will definitely increase the score.