Chiranjeev Kumar - Bihar
Chiranjeev Kumar

I belong to a small village of Samastipur in Bihar. We are six members in our family; me, three younger brothers, my father and my mother. I studied in my village till class 10th and stood 18th in high school in Bihar board. I got scholarship and managed to come to Patna. I heard about IIT from some senior friends and I was a bit good in mathematics, so I wanted to study there. I joined Anand sir’s foundation classes and studied Chemistry myself. After one year, I got an opportunity to join Super30 batch, and finally landed in IT-BHU, Varanasi (IIT now) in 2010.

I was placed in Samsung during campus placement and joined SRI-Noida in June 2014. I didn’t find the work much challenging here, and decided to give Gate Exam. I prepared for 3 months and watched Ravindra sir’s all video lectures. I got AIR-47 in Gate-15 and also got an offer from Adobe Systems, Noida. I joined Adobe in Feb 2015. I didn’t join any IIT this year because of financial problems.

My first reaction

I was very happy. I didn’t expect this rank because I just watched video lectures. I want to give credit to Ravindra sir. His video lectures are awesome. I must give credit to my mother and my father who in spite of all difficulties keep faith in me and gave me an opportunity to study.

I also want to give credit to Anand sir for inspiring me all the time and suggested to stay grounded. Some credit must also go to my friends and my room-mate who fight with me and suddenly become a pseudo intellectual and love me at the same time.


Apart from video lectures, I solved previous year Gate papers. I think, joining a coaching institute helps. But even with self preparation one can crack Gate. Joining Test series will definitely improve rank.


I did’t follow any particular strategy as I was working 9am-6pm. But mostly I used to watch video lectures in the morning 3am-7am. In the last month I used to revise in this time. I used to solve previous year papers on Saturday and Sunday.

Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
My strong subjects were DS, DM, Algo. I revised these subject once. My weakest subject was Computer Architecture and Organization. I couldn’t prepare this subject much as Ravindra sir didn’t finish his video lectures of this subject. So I was half prepared in this subject (in fact I couldn’t solve a single problem from this subject in exam). I watched some youtube tutorials for math and aptitude preparation. I didn’t give importance to English section of aptitude and lost few marks in it. I was also weak in Compiler Design, But sir’s video lectures helped me a lot and I didn’t miss any question in Exam from CD.

Books and e-sources

I would prefer to follow standard books only many of which can be found at Joining a Test series and solving a previous years Gate question bank is really worthy. Also I would prefer not to read many books for same subject. It kills time and creates confusion.

Aptitude Section:
I didn’t prepare a lot for aptitude. I solved previous years problems and watched tutorials for some problems which I couldn’t solve in first time. I made a mistake by not preparing English section. Luckily this year aptitude section was a bit easier.

Mock tests

I took online free mock tests from portal. Mock tests are necessary for good score. One should join a good test series for good rank.

Examination day

I started solving easier problems first and just read tougher problems statements. Then I came back to attempt tougher problems. I attempted COA in the last after aptitude.


I think having strong concept is essential for the interviews. So, for interviews, one need to read books and theories.

Future Plans

My future plan is to work in academia/industry and solve real time problems. Share knowledge and have fun with Machine and code. Work for the people, for our country, for under-privileged society and for differently abled people.

Advice to fellow students

My advice to fellow students is to solve as much problems as they can from relevant subjects and topics. Manage time effectively as time is limited but problems are not. Set yourself in preparation mode for 4-5 months. Watch some motivational lectures on youtube and enjoy the preparation.