Rohit Sinha - GATE 2018 AIR 14 Civil Engineering - Agra, Uttar Pradesh
Rohit Sinha

Hi , I am a final year student at IIT Roorkee, doing my BTech in civil engineering. I am basically from Agra. I started preparing for GATE 2018 in August’17. I want to work in any of the major PSUs and hence I decided to prepare for GATE.

My first reaction

I felt elated after viewing my result. I realised that hard work finally paid off. I credit my success to my dad and my mom, my friends and teachers who helped me throughout. My dad always provides me the best of guidance and show me the path to success, which motivates me and pushes me to work hard.


I took postal courses and joined test series of some institutes. They were of immense help as it helped me improve my accuracy and helped to gain me confidence.


A. Study schedule:

I was short of time and could not maintain strict schedule during the initial phase as I was preoccupied with my college work .I usually studied and revised during the weekends. But during December and January I used to study for 11-13 hours daily.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

I used standard books for the subjects I was weak in, for example used Pillai and Menon for RCC. Bhavikati for steel structures. I used handwritten notes and postal study material for the subjects I was strong in since it provides well consolidated material.

Books and e-sources

One should try to read from coaching notes and postal material as they are precise as per gate syllabus, but still if one is not comfortable with it, one can refer the standard books like K Subramanya for engineering hydrology, Justo and Khanna for highway engineering, Ranjan and Rao for geotechnical engineering , RK Bansal for fluid mechanics.

Aptitude Section:
I prepared for this part for my placements in November, moreover I used to give 1-2 hr in December and January daily to mathematics and aptitude. Previous year questions are sufficient to prepare this part.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are very important as they help you draw a clear cut strategy. It helps to develop the speed and accuracy which is of great significance for the GATE exam. To revise a particular topic, practise with chapter tests and subject tests. It helps to gauge one’s level in a particular subject. The full test helps in revising the complete syllabus.

Examination Day

I used to do the Aptitude section first as I found it easier, and then move on to the one markers and two markers. Never spend too much time on any question you are stuck at, rather attempt it later on, there are higher chances that it would be solved.


I have not gone through it. But I would revise my notes for the core part and prepare the general interview questions like tell me about yourself etc.

Future Plans

As of now I want to work in any of the major PSUs.

Advice to fellow students

Never get demotivated if you get less marks in test series. Try to note down your silly mistakes and weak points is a small register. Give regular mock tests and keep revising everything at regular intervals. Plan your preparation well in advance and try to divide it into phases.