Akash Chouksey - GATE 2018 AIR 1 Civil Engineering - Seoni, Madhya Pradesh
Akash Chouksey

My name is Akash Chouksey and I have secured all India rank 1 in GATE 2018 in Civil Engineering. I belong to a small village Bilakta in Seoni District of Madhya Pradesh.

Currently, I am a B.Tech Final year student at IIT Guwahati. I wanted my first job in the core field itself and the best option is a PSU, as they offer a good quality of work and an excellent work-life balance. As nowadays most of the PSU’S are recruiting through GATE, so I decided to appear in the GATE Exam and started preparing from MAY 2017.

My first reaction

When I first saw my result I felt like I’m on cloud nine or to express it in more natural language, it felt like “Saari duniya raakh ki tarah neeche khud dhue ki tarah upper”.

To be truthful, nothing expressed in the above para ever happened. I was very sure that I will be successful in securing my rank under top 3 and AIR 1 was icing on the cake. It felt good to have a sweet fruit of success after such hard work and dedication, I had shown for the exam. I have been through some of the hardest time of my life during preparation but as it is said that life is all about learning the best lessons from the worst times and so did I.

The credit of my success goes to my parents, brother and sister. It would not have been possible without their support. In fact, it’s my family who got the 1st rank and I am just the representative.


I took summer crash course of ACE ACADEMY at Delhi center for 2 months. After that, I did self-study for about 6 months.The crash course gave me a great start. All the subjects were taught with great details and clarity that it felt like a regular classroom course rather than a crash course. For students who are in college and coaching is not available, I would like to recommend them to join ACE academy’s summer crash course.


A. Study schedule:

I used to read two subjects in a day, 2-3 chapters of each subject daily and used to finish 2 subjects in 6-7 days. In 2 months I finished complete syllabus. After that, I followed the same pattern for revision.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

I did not neglect any subject and gave equal weight and preparation time to all the subjects, this made me equally comfortable in all the subjects.

Books and e-sources

For practice, I followed classroom Books of ACE academy and for theory I followed Made Easy and IES MASTER’S theory books. I didn’t refer to any standard book or eSource.

Aptitude Section:
I just practiced previous year aptitude questions and gave multiple tests of aptitude.

Mock Tests

I took test series from ACE Engineering Academy, MADE EASY, IES MASTER, and VANI Institue. Tests are really very very important for achieving good marks and to know your zones of weakness and mistakes. Time management for the exam can be improved considerably by Mock Tests.

I was doing a lot of silly mistakes, calculation mistakes and that was really frustrating, so in the last one and a half month I prioritized tests over reading the theory. I have given more than 200 tests.

Examination Day

I attempted aptitude section first. Subsequently, I attempted 2 marks questions first and then one mark questions in the Civil Engineering section. I finished the whole paper in 2 hrs and used my last hour to again solve the questions that I had marked for review.

Future Plans

Right now I’ll be joining PSU after that I may go for CIVIL SERVICES.

Advice to fellow students

Stay focused, be consistent and be confident. Always remember, “there is no substitute for hard work, and there is no shortcut to success”.

“जीवन अपार है संभावनाओ का सार है। तू खोजते चल ऐ राही बस इतना समझ रास्ता जीत और मंजिल हार है। ”