Abhishek Yadav - GATE 2018 AIR 38 Civil Engineering - Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Abhishek Yadav

I’m Abhishek Yadav. I have done BTech in Civil Engineering from NIT RAIPUR 2016 BATCH. After college I did job in LnT Construction for 6 months then I left the job because the job profile which I wanted was not there. Thereafter I decided to prepare for GATE AND IES.

My first reaction

After viewing my result I realized that hard work really pays. I felt relieved and called my parents and told them about my result. Credit to my success goes to my family and my friends who always helped and kept me motivated when I was preparing.


I completely relied on coaching booklets and my notes which I have prepared with a lot of sincerity. Coaching helped me a lot whenever I was having some doubt in any subject. The faculty of IES MASTER is very cooperative and student friendly, they played a key role during my preparation.


A. Study schedule:

I took coaching from IES MASTER. I enrolled in regular classroom batch. Timing of class was from 3pm to 9pm (it may vary depending on classes of different subjects).

After class I used to study the notes that was taught on that same day and try to solve all the problems of GATE AND IES. But don’t commit the mistake of just solving the questions without understanding the concepts because that will harm you in long run.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

I used to give special attention to my weak subjects and give more time to it without compromising with other subjects. My weak subjects were Fluid Mechanics and Environment. In the beginning it took time to have good grip on these subjects and then I used to solve its questions to gain confidence. For remaining subjects I used to keep analysing my weak areas and kept working over it.

Aptitude Section:
Most of the time questions of Aptitude will be a bit logical sometimes it may be direct also. Therefore to prepare for Aptitude it will be better to practice as many questions as possible in test series.

Mock Tests

I joined Online Test Series of Madeeasy and ACE Academy. Test series will give you a fair idea of your preparation. It will definitely help to analyze yourself and focus on your weak areas. Mock tests definitely helps, it builds an approach towards exam and gives you a platform to do experiment with your preparation strategy. Don’t compare your result of tests rather the focus should be completely on mistakes and time management.

Examination Day

My approach towards exam was that I used to solve simple questions and subjects in which I was confident. According to me this approach open your mind for difficult questions afterwards. Just by giving one reading to question I used to decide whether to solve this question now or later.


For interview I am practicing to bring my knowledge from my brain to my tongue and I have started reading newspaper.

Future Plans

At present I am waiting for interviews call from PSU’s and also preparing for ESE MAINS.

Advice to fellow students

GATE is all about ACCURACY. At the beginning of preparation complete focus should be on understanding the subject. After that you should develop an approach towards questions while doing this try to minimize mistakes. SHORT NOTES are very helpful during the last month of your preparation, so try to make an effective short note.