Shubham Garg
Shubham Garg

My name is Shubham Garg. I have done my Btech in Civil Engneering from Delhi College of Engineering. My GATE rank is 44. My father is an IES officer working as Chief Engineer in CPWD and my mother is a housewife.

I decided to prepare for GATE in my second year because of my interest in Civil Engineering, especially Structures.

My first reaction

I was expecting a rank of around 50 on the basis of the marks I was getting. So I was really happy that my hardwork paid off. I give credit of my success to my family and my friends for always supporting me.


I joined Made-easy coaching institute. So I made my notes for all subjects and cleared my basics there. In my fourth year I started memorizing the formulae and did sample papers.

It is not at all necessary to join coaching institute if you are clear with your basics and you have material to study from. NPTEL is a very good alternative to coaching.


a. Study schedule
The GATE exam was scheduled on 7th February 2015. I started my preparation in August 2014 when my college seventh semester started. First I cleared my basics related to each subject and did chapter-wise questions. Then after October college end-sems I started memorizing formulae of each subject and did chapter wise online test series till January second week. Then I did complete syllabus test papers to test what I retained and to improve my speed.

b. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
Strength of Materials, Structures, RCC, Fluid are my strong subjects and are more logical. So studying once with chapter-wise questions is more than enough.

Geotechnical and Environment are more about memorising formulae, so requires revision many times for retaining. Transport has a well-defined syllabus and fixed set of questions.

Books and e-sources

The best and only eSource is NPTEL.

Recommended books :

  • Strength of Materials : BC Punmia
  • Structure Analysis : CS Reddy, S.Ramamrutham
  • Geotechnical : Gopal Ranjan & Rao
  • Fluid Mehanics : RK Bansal
  • Environment : SK Garg
  • Transport : Khanna Justo
  • RCC : PC Vargese
  • Steel : SK Duggal

Aptitude Section:
The aptitude section is easy and doesn’t require any specific preparation. Questions are logical and test basic knowledge. Engineering Mathematics is also asked for 15 marks. It includes the topics covered in college first year.

Mock tests

Yes I attended mock test series. I think test series is very important to develop time management skills and revise different topics of different subjects simultaneously.

Examination day

I gave 30 mins to aptitude and mathematics section which carries 30 marks.

Then I did all the subjective questions because they require more time and carry 2 marks per question. Then I did all 1 mark objective questions.


IIT Kanpur and Mumbai called 600 students for the interview process of Structure Engineering. They conducted written test. 30 students were shortlisted for personal interview in which 15 students were selected.

IIT Delhi called top 200 students for direct interview in Structures. 15 students were selected on basis of combined result of GATE score + interview score.

IISc Banglore selects for Masters in Engineering directly on basis of GATE score without interview.

Interview questions are related to Final year college project and are completely technical related to the branch you have applied for. Interviews cannot be prepared for as such. It is based on your knowledge that you have gained in 4 years of college.

Future Plans

I am pursuing my Masters in Structural Engineering from IIT Delhi.

Advice to fellow students

Hardwork, sincerity and consistent work is the only way to succeed in GATE.