Saket Mishra - Chhatarpur , Madhya Pradesh
Saket Mishra

I am a very simple and down to earth type of guy. In my opinion everyone should be down to earth because that is all required when you prepare for higher exams.

In college, initially, I was not that good in academics because I was involved in so many activities. To counter this I decided to prepare for GATE.

My first reaction

I was very very happy by seeing my rank. I knew that I will be getting under 100 rank or so, but didn’t expected of getting 34th rank. That’s because in GATE exam the competition is so high that you cannot predict your rank just by calculating your marks.

The credit goes to my parents, including my brother, who always supported and trusted me.


I think coaching is not required if you have done your classes in college well because coaching institute only covers 60% of syllabus. Extra is to be done by you. I was not serious in my college so I had joined MadeEasy. In my opinion all the coaching institutes are almost same, all that is required is your effort.

Test series is must. In the last one or two months time, joining a test series helps a lot. Otherwise, seeing old papers of gate will be helpful. I have given test series of MadeEasy and IES Masters. I have given approx 40 online test for gate while I was preparing.


I didn’t had any study schedule as such, I used to study as much as I can. If you don’t have time schedule, then it is better to decide a aim for everyday i.e., how much you should finish before sleep.

Books and e-sources

Books can be from any famous authors, coaching material. But joining a test series is highly recommended.

Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
My weak subjects are IRRIGATION and STEEL. I kept practising these subjects more and more. As the number of question you practised increases, you will start getting command on that subject.

Aptitude Section:
Since I have prepared for JEE, hence my aptitude section was stronger. I just gone through all the topics and practised from online test series itself.

Mock tests

Yeah I had attended mock tests i.e., online test series of various coachings. They are very helpful as we get new variety of questions there and they also make you accustomed to the exam pressure when we actually sit in the GATE exam. For GATE, I will suggest that everyone should give online test.

Examination day

Managing time for different section during exam is little bit tough. So I would suggest, as one goes through the paper he should mark question which he think is to be revised at last time, also keep marking all those question which has came in the test series. I think by doing this each and every topics can be revised. Because the section which one has a doubt will be cleared in this and the thing which he knows will never be washed out. Start giving test series when two months left for exam.


One should prepare a set of question specially of HR. Because if someone is getting a call from any of the IITs and PSUs, then its expected that he will be technically sound. So preparing HR questions is must. One can google ‘question of HR’, for these questions and answers. Also you should thoroughly know about the company, before entering into the interview room, as you will be bombarded with questions based on company profile.

Future Plans

My only future plan is to achieve, which I always wanted to and for which I have started my preparation i.e. to clear Engineering services exam.

Advice to fellow students

My personal advice to candidates who are preparing for GATE, is to remain focused more towards questions and test series. And try to revise all those in a definite time interval.