Himanshu Mehta, Ghaziabad
Himanshu Mehta

I graduated from VIT University, Vellore. I started preparing for the GATE from my final year at the college as it has now become a cynosure for everyone who wants to get into government services (sarkari naukri).

My first reaction

I was actually expecting somewhere in top 20-30 but making it to top 10 was really something special.

I will dedicate this to the hard work that I have done over years and the support from my family and a little bit of luck.


Well coaching is necessary especially when you are not clear with the concepts. But if you are thorough with all the subjects and concepts, you don’t need any coaching.

But test series is mandatory. Personally I took coaching from MADE EASY


I used to make sure that I give 10 hours daily. For eg. If my coaching classes are for 4 hours then I will self study for 6 hours and if my classes are for 7 hours then I will give 3 hours at home.

For strong subjects you need to make sure that you revise regularly (say every 3 months) and devote remaining of your time on the weak subjects after all on the last day they are going to be the deciding factor.

Books and e-sources

I didn’t study much from books as made easy material was sufficient.

Aptitude Section:
I didn’t prepare specially for it. But I made sure that I don’t loose marks here because it might cost me.

Mock tests

Yes I attended MADE EASY mock tests. Although I didn’t perform well but I knew before giving gate that with whom I am competing and how much intensity is required on the DOOMS DAY.

Examination day

I went for the questions as per the order. I was able to do aptitude section in 25-30 mins so the remaining time I gave it to technical section.


I did not give any interviews at IITs because I was not interested in research.

For PSUs you just need to keep your basics right and get accustomed to the pressure situation in the interview room, automatically things will fall in line for you.

Future Plans

I am preparing for engineering services as of now.

Advice to fellow students

My advice to the future aspirants will be to make sure that you cover as much syllabus as you can, revise regularly, practise all previous year questions, and give as much Mock tests before the actual GATE exam.