Abdullah Khan , Ghaziabad U.P.
Abdullah Khan

My name is Abdullah Khan. I hail from ghaziabad and have done my b.tech in civil engineering from NIT kurukshetra. We are a family of five members, my father is a government officer, mom a housewife and two brothers who are still studying.

I decided to prepare for GATE in my 3rd year of engineering. I owe my inspiration to one of my seniors, Ashutosh Gaur, who was AIR 7 in gate 2014. The charm of working for a govt. organization and giants like IOCL, ONGC combined with a healthy pay package was also a booster to my motivation. I decided to prepare for GATE in my second year because of my interest in Civil Engineering, especially Structures.

My first reaction

The first reaction was obviously filled with joy. I was expecting a good rank though so it wasn’t that big a surprise but still it was good.

The credit goes to many but first of all I would like to thank Allah, nothing would have been possible without his blessings. I also would like to thank my parents, my friends, my teachers. Everyone has played a certain role in this journey and I am thankful to all of them.


I had joined MadeEasy in my 3rd year for coaching but I still believe self study is sufficient if proper source is available. Everything is not taught in colleges so most of the portion is missed. If you can have complete notes of subjects and your basic is got enough, you don’t need to go to coaching. However if your basics are weak, I suggest for coaching. I did it from made easy and I would give them 9/10.


There was no such strategy as such. I just followed the 4-8 principle. 4 hours study on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends. I made it in mind to study the big 5 first: Soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, highway engg., environmental and the math + apti section. These 5 comprise of almost 65% of the marks. I studied them first and the easier and less bulkier subjects like survey, steel, hydrology were left for later studies.

Books and e-sources

I believe, some books are must read for gate.

  • Gopal ranjan for Soil
  • B.C. punmia for Strength of materials
  • Khanna and Justao for Highway
  • Modi and Seth for Fluid mechanics
  • Engg. Hydrology by Subramanyam

The theory and question set in all these is just a work of art. They are very interesting to read and you get the feel of the subject.

Aptitude Section:
Aptitude section need not require any special efforts. However if you feel like practising it, buy any apti book and practise the questions. It will be more than enough.

Mock tests

Yeah, test series is a must. You get to know how you’re performing, the time factor comes into play and you get to analyze where you are lacking and what are your strong areas. You can join any good all India test series by any coaching. I had joined made easy test series and I am quite satisfied with their quality.

Examination day

Time management is essential in the exam. 15-20 mins are enough for the first section i.e apti . The rest of the time should be dedicated to technical. The chances of revision are very less so you should try to be perfect in first attempt on question. That’s where practise come into play. Practise more and more questions. Also don’t aim for solving all the questions. Try to attempt more correct questions rather than all questions.


I haven’t applied for M.Tech in IITs so can’t exactly comment on them. As far as PSUs are concerned, it is mainly confined to HR, your technical knowledge will be sufficient enough, don’t worry about that.

Future Plans

As I write this, I am waiting for the result of my interviews. Hope to make it into IOCL and then work there. That’s all the plan that I have right now.

Advice to fellow students

Only one advise, practise the questions as much as you can, in the last month before exam revise all the last year gate papers, attempt every single question again, practise makes a man perfect. Try to cover everything 50 days prior to exam. The last 50 days should be dedicated to intense practise along with one complete revision.