Suryamani Kumar - GATE 2018 AIR 9 Architecture and Planning -Nalanda, Bihar
Suryamani Kumar

Me Suryamani kumar from small village called Amarpur in NALANDA, Bihar. I am doing Bachelor of architecture from School of Planning and Architecture, BHOPAL. I always wanted to get into IIT but I missed it, when I was in 12th. And I was very serious regarding my academics performance from first semester. From the second year of Architecture course I started working on GATE preparation.

My first reaction

I was not so surprised because I had already calculated the marks and was expecting in top 10. But the moment was priceless as it came after hardwork of many years. The credit goes to my professors here, who backed me at every place. I got immense support from them.


No, I didn’t joined any institute. I was reliant on my self study. I took some study material from STONEHENGE institute which helped me to give the last touch of preparation.


A. Study schedule:

Study schedule is very important for the student who are attempting for the first time in final years. We have to manage the academics as well so I was so much reliant on weekend. Not wasted time in any other activities was the key of schedule.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

Till the end of preparation, I did not find any weak subject but yes I had to cover the syllabus of PLANNING section also, which was new to me and took time as well. I followed the syllabus given by IIT Guwahati and managed to finish around 70% of all.

Books and e-sources

I will recommend B.K DAS sir book which have compiled question with sufficient solution. Other then that I do attempted UPSC For architect by B K DAS sir. Other then this I had focused on NATIONAL BUILDING CODE, UDPFI GUIDELINES, and many books as a part of academics.

Aptitude Section:
I have not prepared specially for this section. I did few sample test from internet only.

Mock Tests

I attended all mock test offered by Stonehenge test series. And one test series was arranged by my Thesis mentor AJAY KUMAR VINODIA sir which helped me to know my weaker section.

Examination Day

This is the most important things to do in examination hall. After the experience of many mock test , I had idea of it. I took a 10 minute look of all question first and then I realized that paper is easy, so I have to do it very sincerely without any silly mistakes. In first one hour I solved q.26-55, which carry 2 marks each. Then in next 20 minutes, 1st 25 question of architecture section then I took another 25 minutes for general aptitude section. Last one hour left for revision.


Working on it. Cant say much now about it.

Future Plans

I want to do masters from IIT Delhi. It’s a dream for me.

Advice to fellow students

The most important factor for any competition preparation is how serious you are?? Discipline and dedication is required to clear it with good rank. The more efforts you will put, probabilities of selection will increase. Make a strategy for syllabus completion because syllabus is vast and it is difficult to finish everything. It is very important to prepare in positive surrounding. Stay away from those who discourage you.