Sayali Agade - GATE 2018 AIR 26 Architecture and Planning - Nagpur, Maharashtra
Sayali Agade

Hello, my name is SayaliKishor Agade. I am currently pursuing my bachelors in Town Planning from College of Engineering, Pune and would be graduating in May’2018. I am from small but beautiful town ‘Saoner’ in Nagpur District.

Its during my summer internship in World Resource Institute (WRI) Mumbai, I realized that this is the right time to explore every option available for my future in Urban Planning, where I get the practical exposure and the importance of Urban Planner’s in today’s world. I decided to opt for masters from best institute in India.

My first reaction

I was hopeful of finding a place in the list within top 100. Getting a rank 26 was a pleasant surprise. I would like to give the credit of my success to my parents because they were there with me in my each ups and downs, my teachers and my friends who had been the guiding force behind my success.


Well, I haven’t join any coaching, but definitely would suggest to refer online material available related to each and every topic thoroughly.


A: Study schedule

“Believe in yourself, be sincere and honest to yourself and strive for excellence. Success will certainly follow.”

The first step the students need to take is to collect the correct syllabus. This step will ensure to prepare only those subjects from which the questions would be asked in the GATE exam. The same will prevent unnecessary time wastage by studying non-important topics.

Previous paper analysis – I’d suggest you get any “GATE Architecture and Planning – Question Bank” available on online stores. [I use the one written by B.K.Das]. There are around 25 previous year question papers. You should be done with it in a month’s time. When you solve the question papers, you’ll come across a set of repetitive questions/topics [For example: Pritzker’s Award Winner is a commonly asked question] Keep an eye for such questions and make note of them right away and lastly preparation of the list of topic.

Topics list

Going thoroughly through each topic by various online and offline source would help you in solving any kind of question. Watch any YouTube video by Vijen Kan. Revise class notes. I will say as last 2 months with smart hard work would help in making wonders.

b: Books and eSources

  • Architecture Dictionary
  • Building Construction by BC Punmia
  • Previous years Question paper (1991-2017), by BK Das
  • Gate Numericals
  • ParagNarkhede’s Notes on Architecture and Planning

Aptitude Section:
No separate preparation is required if you are clear with your basic mathematics concepts.

Mock Tests

I haven’t attended any mock test but later I thought it would be helpful to get understanding of related questions in final exam. If interested then StoneHenge GATE Architecture Monthly Online Mock Test has proved to be beneficial for many of my friends. You can avail this testseries through whatsapp also (Mob No.: 9560632485).

Examination Day

As we have 50-60% of them as factual questions, if you have read it then your answer will be 100% correct. Time management becomes quite easy. Attempt the answers first which you are sure of and then look towards other. Find some tips and tricks to approach towards right answer as in Checking the dimensionality of analytical expression, drawing the figures for the numericals, solving the problem in same unit etc. It becomes quite easy to choose among match the pair, when even if you are sure about 2 answers you can approach towards right answer. For example,

Time Table

Here I was sure of Option P&R having answer 4&5 respectively, would paved you directly towards right option C. Even if you are only sure about P and wanting to go further, you could guess S having right answer as option 2, since amongst given pairs 3 of them is having option 2. Simple!!!!!!!!!


Unfortunately, we don’t have PSUs but for getting admit in IIT’s be cleared with your basic concepts. However, I haven’t appeared yet.

Future Plans

I intend to join a M.Plan program and explore opportunities in research.

Advice to fellow students

  • Believe in yourself.
  • Refer GATE material available online on amazon (PROGATE study material).
  • Follow facebook page (GATE Architecture/ Planning 2019), where discussion on almost all questions takes place.
  • Make list of Architects and there buildings, books, work, Pritzkers prize, style of architecture, there principal feature etc.
  • Keep on analysing the syllabus thoroughly and start making notes from the very first day.
  • Particularly in last one month, keep on reading and reading and reading.

Thank you very much and all the very best for your future endeavours.