Nishchay Kumar - GATE 2018 AIR 11 Architecture and Planning - Jamnagar, Gujarat
Nishchay Kumar

My first reaction

I had no reaction, I studied enough for it. I saw it coming from miles away. I would suggest everyone to study enough (not hard) and have some faith. Quote “Aim for the moon, if you succeed, it’s ok. If you fail, you will still land among the stars.”


Gate Architecture is really easy, I have seen people who didn’t study well but still got good ranks for themselves. I have seen overconfident hardworkers fall too. It’s not about strategy for me, it’s about doing everything in the right way. Study, sleep, food, happiness everything matters plus your temperament on the day of the exam. 2-3 hours per day of study is enough if you are planning to start 4 months before the exam which I also did.

I did not join any coaching. I just studied myself and I think that’s the best way. I am not a classroom kind of student.


A. Study schedule:

I didn’t study everything. Because no one scores 100% in the exam. But whatever I studied, I revised it thoroughly. “Revision k bina ghanta kuch nhi ho sakta” (pardon my language but I used it to lay emphasis on the importance of revision). Whatever good or bad score I got, I got it because I was revising stuff on one hand and giving less time to learning new things for last 1-1.5 month.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

My strength was aptitude, I scored full marks in that. Weakness was general knowledge of Architecture and practical knowledge of Architecture since I am still a 4th year pass only.

Books and e-sources

GATE ARCHITECTURE/PLANNING BY B.K.DAS is the best book to start with. I solved aptitude questions from the book on aptitude by MADE EASY.

Aptitude Section:
If you wish to prepare for aptitude question, buy book of general aptitude book by MADE EASY. It will provide you with enough knowledge to get 15 out of 15. You just have to be open minded in the main exam.


I have no interview approach, because I am going to pass out in 2019. I am just relaxing.

Future Plans

I have a very little knowledge about about my field i.e. Architecture. I currently have no future plans. I am planning to take as much advice as possible from my seniors and professors because learning is all about listening.

Advice to fellow students

The advice I would like to give to all those planning to appear for gate Architecture in 2019:

When I started, I had a lot of fear in my mind that I am competing against not just final year students, I am also competing against college passouts, experienced individuals and intelligent college professors. But honestly, whining and complaining about anything won’t bring success. Everyone has their fear. Even experienced individuals have their own fear of losing to their juniors. That is what happened in my college. I secured a better rank than my batch mates as well as my college professors in my 1st attempt only. Age and experience is just a number. Having some faith in oneself is the key.