Isha Rathore - GATE 2018 AIR 32 Architecture and Planning - Jaipur, Rajasthan
Isha Rathore

Hi, I am Isha Rathore from Jaipur, Rajasthan. Presently I am a student of School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal.

My first reaction

I have already calculated my marks according to the official answer key, so I had sort of an idea of the rank. But the result is the official confirmation of the efforts put in. I felt very happy.

I am very grateful to my family, all my teachers here at SPA, Bhopal and my friends. The credit goes to them.


I didn’t join any institute. Self-study with a disciplined time set aside for preparation is also helpful. Also there are a lot of materials available online. Also solve previous year’s question papers.


A. Study schedule:

Study schedule is very important especially with academia/job but it is important to set aside at least 2 hours each day for studying. Devise a strategy for covering all the topics with more time for weaker topics.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)

Planning topics were new but interesting all the more. With covering new topics it is important not to get lost in the depth of material. Managing time is important. There is vast information available online. Also for weaker sections discuss with friends and faculties.

Books and e-sources

I had focused on National Building Code, UDPFI Guidelines, and many books which are part of academics. I will recommend Dr. B.K Das’s book which have compiled questions with solution.

Aptitude Section:
Aptitude Section is simple in the construct. Basic English, Physics and Mathematics formulas from school will get you by. Look at the previous question papers and you will get a clearer idea.

Mock Tests

I didn’t take any mock tests, but I practiced with previous year’s question papers in the time limit and then reviewed my paper and identified mistakes and my weaknesses.

Examination Day

I started with general aptitude section. Finished it within first 30 minutes. Then I answered the first 25 questions carrying 1 marks within 45 minutes. Then I answered the Q.26-55 questions carrying 2 marks for an hour. And the remaining time was for revision.


Confidence is the key. Also knowing your topics and portfolio projects well and being able to convey the same is important. The Statement of intent/purpose gives the interviewer(s) a clear idea about the passion and seriousness of the candidate.

Future Plans

Next, I want to do masters.

Advice to fellow students

I would advise the students to start studying methodically. Build a schedule for yourself that suits well with your daily routine of lectures, assignments etc. Cover up the basics and topics that you find hard. Also finish the entire syllabus once and revise. Success is directly proportional to your preparation efforts. All the best!!