Yash Heda - Air 22 CA Final November 2016 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Yash Heda

Hi I am Yash Heda. I secured AIR 3 in IPCC and AIR 22 in CA final besides this AIR 9 in CS Professional.

After 10th I got into Science stream prepared for all engineering exams but when I was in 12th one thing I was sure about was that I wanted to be in world of finance. That time my couple of cousins were already CA so got guidance from them to realise that there’s nothing better than CA to make your base in field of finance. So after 12th, I enrolled for CA (was tough call to make that time) and in all this my family supported me.

My first reaction

Frankly speaking I was not expecting rank and due to site crash I didn’t get to see my results for 3hrs. Then I got a call from my cousin that you secured 22nd Rank. I didn’t believe first and asked are you sure about that haha…

I owe my success to my family and Pawan Sarda (cousin and my role model throughout the journey, he is also CA and also rank holder at all stages) for their presence whenever I needed them.


I did my Articleship from Deloitte (Mumbai). I would say that Articleship is most important part of CA curriculum it helps you to actually understand how things work as on field it’s not same that you study in books. I would just say it transformed me from student to professional.

From exam perspective, I would just say it won’t have any direct impact or reduce efforts required to clear exam but when you start studying in exam leave all things suddenly start making sense as you could relate many things to the work you did.


First of all I didn’t take any coaching classes. I believe as you are about to become a professional you should learn how to understand things on your own rather then getting spoon fed. I prepared for exams on my own and even got good results at every stage. So I believe self study is enough and also it boosts your confidence to next level.


A. Study schedule
Before my exam leaves (130 days), I just did few chapters of SFM except that I studied almost whole portion during exam leaves only.

I planned my 4 months in advance including number of times I want to revise subjects (for each subject it was different). I completed my first reading (except ISCA) on 31st August. Then I started revising subjects (except IDT and ISCA) and appeared for mock test (23rd sept – 3 oct). This also helped me to again get a fast overlook of each subject. I modified the plan for October on basis of mock test. I started preparing for ISCA from 15th Sept till last day 31st Oct daily for 1-2 hours at night before going to bed (except during mock test).

B. Strong and Weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
I was confident about all practical subjects so for them I did my first reading very thoroughly (solving each question manually) and after that didn’t spend much time on them (Finally ended up scoring lowest marks in SFM the subject I thought was my strongest one …though I scored good in Accounts and Costing)

I was only worried about one subject ISCA !! And adopted strategy as mentioned above. While my first reading I made short notes for it 40 pager notes and revised it number of times with PM (almost 10 times). Finally ended up scoring highest marks in it…subject I thought I would fail.

Books and e-sources

I researched books referred by past rankers who did self study and finalized this one. So I referred following –

  • Accounts – Module for concept , Solved – PM , last 12 attempts RTP
  • SFM – Sridhar – Concept , Solved – Few lesson from Sridhar and full PM , Theory – PM + Summary pages in module at back of each lesson
  • Audit – Pankaj Garg , also PM for SAs wala lesson
  • Law – Munish Bhandari
  • Costing – PM , OR – Module + PM
  • ISCA – Jignesh Chedda + PM + 40 page notes I prepared
  • DT – Ravi Chhawchharia
  • IDT – Bangar (except case studies of Excise & custom ) + C.S book ICAI + Few imp lessons from PM

Mock tests

Yes I did and I believe mock test is one of the crucial aspect. It’s as simple as cricket, if you want to win the tournament you have to play few practice matches before. Basically it helps you to understand what mistakes you can do even after preparing for it.

Rank and preparation

No I wasn’t preparing for rank. What I believe is process is important so I just focus on giving my best.

To get motivated every day before starting 10 min I used to watch one video on Life. Basically it emphasised on, you are investing one day of your life so if you are doing something then do it in a way that makes some difference or else you are losing one precious day.

Future Plans

I will go for a corporate world.

ICAI Campus

I am reading online stuffs on interviews and couple of books to prepare for campus.

Advice to fellow students

  • Take your articleship sincerely.
  • Time management is the most crucial thing and manage all aspects of life or else you will end up being ordinary CA.
  • For studies mantra is ‘Plan your work and work your plan’
  • Try to understand everything and do not memorise anything.

And trust me you won’t understand the opportunities CA can offer you unless you become CA.