Mukul Malpani - Air 43 CA Final November 2016 - Jaipur, Rajasthan
Mukul Malpani

My name is Mukul Malpani. I belongs from Jaipur, the pinkcity of Jaipur. We are 7 Members in my family. My father is self employed having a General store shop and my mother is home maker. I am the youngest in my family. Three out of my four sisters are married. They are also home makers and one is working as an accountant at Aerolam marketing. The thought of becoming CA came to my mind when I didn’t even knew about the meaning of it. When I was in 7th standard, my father told a customer that my son will be a CA one day. From that day I promised myself that one day definitely, I will complete the dream of Papa.

My first reaction

I was like on the top of the world. I was crying and couldn’t say a word at that moment. It was just the most happiest moment to tell everyone that I secured a rank in final exam. I wanted to dedicate this success to my father, mummy and my sweet four sisters.


I did my articleship from Kalani and company, Jaipur. The articleship has an importance in every CA Life. It’s an path where a innocent IPCC pass out student starts and ends with a mature professional person. During articleship I learn how the things works in practical life. During audits, we have to learn various laws and apply them practically, it helped me a lot in my study preparation. Apart from knowledge, one thing which added to my personality is that it taught me how to work and study smartly.


Study of CA Final is like that, away from the earth for 4.5 months. I spend whole 4.5 months in my study room. I studied at max 12-13 hours a day, and remaining hours I used to sleep and listen to songs. Proper sleep is very important to keep you fresh. So daily I took at least 7 hours sleep in night and 1 hour sleep in afternoon after having lunch. Whatsapp, Facebook all were uninstalled because I think it distracts your mind when you talk to some one else. Listening songs was the best way which did not distracted me and also make me refresh.


Coaching is not at all necessary for CA Final. Self study is best. And if someone took the coaching also than ultimately he has to study it self. Because at CA Final level we are enough mature to understand what is written in the book. So best way in case of practical subjects is that just arrange the notes of some tuition teacher and if it is not possible then go with study material and prepare it, and in case of theory subjects go with particular known faculty and PM.

Mock tests

Yes writing practice is necessary for passing CA Final exams, it can be done through mock test or self practice. I am not against mock test if person have enough time, but what generally happens when we start our preparation we think first we will complete our course and than surely give mock test, but what happens as exams comes near is that our focus shifts from writing practice to completing the course. Due to shortage of time, we forget the idea of giving mock test. So in my opinion whether you give mock test or not, do written practice from start and after that you can give mock test, this will be an addition to your study.

Rank and preparation

I never thought about rank, but I was sure that I will defiantly crack the exam. When I entered into CA, I made a promise that I will complete CA in one go, and if I couldn’t do that then I will leave the CA field. With this thinking I studied and result is there. So never think extreme but should think atleast the minimum you want.

Future Plans

As I already said becoming a CA was never my dream, its my family dream. My own dream is to become a leading business tycoon in the country. So for initially 5-6 years I will join a leading business brand and after that I wish to have my own manufacturing industry.

ICAI Campus

I am reading the audit report of audits done by me. I am also reading the newspaper daily and concentrating on my communication skills.

Advice to fellow students

Self confidence and focused study is must requirement for a CA Final. And don’t try to mix up the works, its better to concentrate on one thing at a time. And during exam preparation leaves just try to keep yourself away from mind distracting instruments.