Manmohan Shaw - Air 15 CA Final November 2016 - Kolkata, West Bengal
Manmohan Shaw

I am born and brought up in Kolkata. I completed my schooling from Donbosco Liluah and attended college at St. Xavier’s, Kolkata.

I come from a family of engineers, so pursuing CA was not my initial game plan but I guess I got more intrigued by what this field had in store and may be because of this I decided to follow my instincts and enter this field. Surprisingly no one in my family had any objections to it and I guess it worked out pretty well too !!

My first reaction

I was elated and extremely satisfied with my efforts. I had got what I had prepared for so yeah it felt good !!

It would be unfair if I handpick a few people because many people have in someway or the other contributed towards it. All my teachers, friends, family, colleagues etc but there’s one person which has been the backbone of my success all throughout and that’s my mom ! Without her perhaps I would never have been able to reach where I am today !


I am pursuing my articleship from Pricewaterhouse Coopers Kolkata. Articleship is no doubt an integral part of our CA curriculum. You get to learn a lot of things and put theory into practice so it does help a lot ! Also you grow as a professional. I have learnt a great deal from mine and yeah it does help you in preparing for your examinations as in you tend to correlate your work with your curriculum and when that happens you feel better !


I had taken coachings for Financial Reporting, SFM , DT and IDT only, rest were basically self study. And it is absolutely okay if you are going for sef-study. Just get hold of right materials, study and practice. That would be fine.

Regarding my preparation , I got a leave of 4 months from my office. This was the time when I made my schedule and divided subjects in groups of two each and completed 4 subjects per month. So by August end I was done with my CA curriculum for once. The remaining two months were spent for revision. I could complete another 3 rounds of revision before November .. so yeah that was broadly my plan.


A. Study schedule
Actually I never categorized any of the subjects as mine strong or weak points. Every paper has the same weightage and inspite of all your preparation it may happen the subject you considered as strong might give you a shock you in the examination hall !! You never know whats going to happen in your term. Rather focus equally on all subjects and more so on the subjects usually ignored by many like ISCA, Law and Audit. One good score in any of these subjects can change your entire marksheet!!

Books and e-sources

I read my coaching material for the subjects I took coachings for and focused on institute’s material for the rest. Also remember “PRACTISE MANUAL IS A MUST”. Ignore them and you are digging your own grave !!!

Mock tests

No I didn’t attend any mock tests so I am really not the one who can guide you on this aspect but yes any sort of practice makes you feel confident so yeah you may take them.

Rank and preparation

Yes I certainly was ! I have a rank in my CPT (AIR 5) also a rank in my IPCC( AIR 40) so yes my goal was a hattrick and I did achieve it !
I guess by now I had got used to prepare under the pressure of ranks and I just did what I always do ..put in that extra effort ..try and study for those extra hours ..sacrifice some sleep and believe in what you are doing. There’s no substitute for hard work !

Future Plans

For the present I am inclined towards entering the corporate world and venture in fields like consultancy or IB. Also industry seems to be a nice option given I get a good profile.

ICAI Campus

Just the usual ..updating myself and brushing up my concepts .

Advice to fellow students

Now that you have chosen this course, just be positive may have a lot of ups and downs but you can make it through with a bit of strategizing and putting in the effort that is required.

Learn from your mistakes and try and not repeat them. Eventually you would be able to do what you wanted and have aimed for. So all the best to all of you !!