Jay Parekh
Jay Parekh

My name is Jay Parekh. I am basically from Junagadh, a small town from Gujarat and currently working in Ahmedabad. I registered myself as CA student in 11th grade itself, hence CA was predetermined goal for me. My family background has been basically a commerce stream and I was good with numbers and accounting so I opted CA understanding the brighter aspects of it.

My first reaction

First reaction has to be a shocking one, of course in positive manner. When it comes to giving a credit, my parents comes first in the list in addition to my smart & hard work.


I did my internship from DGSM & Co., a partnership firm in Ahmedabad. Practical exposure does help you in examinations, few examples that I can cite is Tax Audit report, bank Audit, Company audit, Income tax work, Accounting standards, etc. one will not be required to specifically prepare those lesson which he he/she has actually worked upon.


I did join a coaching institute, but I highly recommend self-study. It not only gives you enough strength to go deep into subjects but enables you to be self-learnt. Though you can prefer coaching for a few technical or mechanical subjects.


a. Study schedule: Divide periods into subjects, convert subjects into days, days into chapters, chapters into hours and hours into number of sums/ sections. Follow it stringently.

b. Strong and weak subjects: Strong were my practical subjects like Financial Reporting, S.F.M & A.M.A., and weak were a few theory subjects like ISCA & Audit. I prepared both of these subjects by writing practice.

Books and e-sources

Practice manuals are highly recommended for solving problems and questions also one must refer RTPs, MTPs, Past papers and other material uploaded on ICAI website.

Mock tests

Yes, mock tests are unavoidable. You can miss a chapter from a book but cannot miss paper writing / mock tests. Personally I believe it played a crucial role in my success and hence I think it is necessary.

Rank and preparation

No, generally one never prepares for a rank. I had a clear thought process in my mind with stiff planning and excellent execution.

Future Plans

I wish to enter a corporate world as of now.

ICAI Campus

For ICAI campus, one need to completely go through the recent changes, amendments, notifications, etc. going on in the corporate world, taxation fields. Plus one needs to be updated enough with current affairs and good at soft skills.

Advice to fellow students

Personal advice, do not always target marks, keep yourself knowledgeable enough concepts-wise. And please do your article-ship genuinely.