Ashish Agarwal
Ashish Agarwal

I belong to a family with business background and was inclined towards business since my childhood days. My start as a student was not bright but I have learned from my mistakes and developed myself to excel. There are many CAs in my family, so from the very early stage I decided that I too want to pursue this professional course.

My first reaction

I was shivering before the result and when I viewed it I was so happy and was not able to believe that actually I have got that. That moment was the best and can’t be expressed in the words.


I will give credit of my success to my family, friends and most importantly to my critics and who has ever said “No” to me, because they are the ones who helped me to actually improve.


I am doing my articleship under the guidance of Lodha & Co., Chartered Accountants, Kolkata. I am sorry to say it, but my articleship didn’t help a bit in my preparation.


It is important to complete every subject at least once before 3 months of exam, so that revision can be completed at least 3 times in the balance 3 months. Moreover, I believe that instead of focusing on just passing the exam, our aim should be to get a Rank.

I don’t believe that joining a coaching institute is must. Yes, for few subject it is required to reduce the burden. Self-study is enough if coupled with discipline.


I didn’t followed any specific study schedule. I used to study only when I want to. Its better because at that time my concentration level helped me to retain the subject matter I was studying.

STRONG AND WEAK SUBJECTS: My strong subjects are Accounts and Tax papers. I have paid too much attention to the minute details, so that I can score heavily. I used to analyse the suggested answers of the ICAI to improve my presentation style and format in which to answer in the exams.

My not-so-strong subject was ISCA. I used to study it for 2 hours daily for 3 last months without stressing or burdening myself with cramming; more sort of reading it like a novel or newspaper.

Books and e-sources

1. Accounts: Parveen Sharma Sir’s notes and teaching are more than enough.

2. SFM: Sanjay Saraf Sir’s notes

3. Audit: Book of Pankaj Garg

4. Law: Munish Bhandari’s (Text Book)

5. Cost: Sanjay Aggarwal or Alok Chakraborty

6. ISCA: Manish Valechha

7. Direct Tax: Vinod Gupta

8. Indirent Tax: Bangar’s book is fabulous

Institute’s e-resources are very good.

Mock tests

Yes I have attended ICAI’s mock and they are of great help and I have learned a lot from that.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I was preparing for a Rank in CA Final. After learning every topic, I used to ask myself whether I have given my 100% or not. This is a great self-motivational tool.

Future Plans

I am looking forward as of now to enter and experience Corporate World at least for 3 years and thereafter, I will re-evaluate according to the circumstances. For ICAI campus, I am regularly updating myself with the current affairs and needs of the Corporate to develop myself. I am preparing and taking guidance from my seniors to prepare for GD’s and PI’s.

Advice to fellow students

I will say, set a focus and do whatever it takes to achieve that. This is one of the best Courses that you can pursue, so, finish it with a style. And always associate with the people who imparts Positive energy, that will be very helpful.