Ankit Bohra

I am basically from a small village, Jaitaran (Pali district, Rajasthan). I did my schooling in Hindi medium till 11th and in 12th I adopted an English medium school. I moved to Jodhpur in 12th class and I pursued my CPT from Jodhpur only. After clearing CPT I moved to Ahmedabad. My dad is a businessman, and my mom is housewife. My elder brother is CS and pursuing CA too. My younger brother is pursuing CWA. My parents left our native town and shifted to Ahmedabad for my career four years back.

I wanted to become an engineer, but my family was not in favor of it. So I had to adopt commerce. My elder brother told me when I was in 12th that CA was the toughest course in commerce field, so there was an urge to face this course and to experience whether CA is actually that much tough or not, so I decided to enter CA profession. Immediately after clearing 12th class, I applied for registration as CA student. In December 2011, I appeared for CPT and cleared it with 75% marks, 150 out of 200. In IPCC I scored 466 out of 700 and in final I Scored 515 out of 800.

My first reaction

Actually I have no words to articulate that. It’s too difficult for me to express those moments in words. That day, 19th January, I was in office, working on my computer. I was not aware of the declaration of CA result. My senior told me that result has been declared. As soon as I heard the word ‘declared’ my pulse rate went up. I was chanting prayers and clicked on the website caresults.nic.in. I entered my roll number and pin number. As soon as the result appeared I saw – ‘pass , pass’ in both the groups, and the first sentence in my mind was “yes! I am a chartered Accountant now” raising my both hands up. My both seniors looked at me. I don’t know why were they surprised! They stood up from their seats and came to me and congratulated me. I hugged my seniors and he mocked me saying “stop shivering now, you are CA”. I stood quite for a minute again verified name, roll number, registration number and the word “pass” I re-checked all things. First I called my dad, my parents were in train,coming to Ahmedabad. I told them that I cleared my CA and they congratulated me. Their happiness could be realized by their words.

As soon as I disconnected the call, another senior asked me that your score is 515 marks, check for rank. Till that time, I didn’t see my score. So I took some time, read marks in all subject and when I was asked to check the rank, I was not excited and there was no expectation of rank. But when I saw Ankit bohra 28th All India Rank, first word was “AH God, you made it possible” I told my seniors that I am ranker too. My both seniors became very much excited, one of them updated our office whatsapp group name to “AIR 28th Ankit in Ca final” and then call began to come. One after another and other! I again dialed my dad that I am ranker too, and he said, “Are wah! badhai ho (Wow, congratulations!)” and he dialed all my relative to inform them the news. Everyone got the news, and then there were endless texts and calls. All congratulated me. There was press conference in the evening, celebration in office too, next day my photo was in newspapers. All dream came true with the results.


Credit goes to God. After god, to my parents – they did so much for me, left their native place for me, and sacrificed so many other things. Their blessings and love made it possible. Thanks to my entire family for supporting me and motivating me. Special thanks to my mama and mamisa, because when I shifted here, I was with them. They treated me like their child. Thanks to my sisters Sunita and Aditi for standing besides me through out the journey and supporting me all the time. Your love and motivation indeed contributed to my success. Thank to my coaching class Navkar institute and to all the faculties for helping me and thanks to all those you were connected with me and supported me.


I did my articleship from two CA firms, M/s Ashok Chhajed & Associates and Ramanlal G. Shah & co. Both firms contributed significantly in my success. The practical experience which I gained was very useful while writing the exams. Application of various subject matters in practical life made it very easy for me to learn those subjects. Special thanks to my sir Vivek S Shah, for allowing me to go on leave for 120 days. Practical experience is essential for appearing in Final exams. It will be very tough for those students who are doing dummy articleship. Practical questions are asked in Audit paper, so prepare well.


My preparation started in may 2013. One fine day I sat and firstly went through the entire syllabus. I was aware of my weak and strong points. So accordingly I did extensive planning. I planned my entire year, then months, then weeks, days and hours. Every planning was in writing and I was determined to execute my planning. Planning was flexible enough too to adjust any unwanted situation. Gradually as I executed the planning, syllabus was successfully completed and by August 17th,2014 I was able to wrap up everything. Planning and execution played main role in my success.

I did the classes. I have seen that many students have done it on their own , without support of any coaching institute, but it requires lot of hard work and dedication. Therefore, it’s not must to do coaching but one should be willing to give full time, dedication and the complete focus on the subject matter.


I think the most crucial phase of study is planning. Unless one don’t plan in detail, the chances are really less, because that student is lacking the vision about what to do next. I did the extensive planning and planned the upcoming time by bifurcating each subject topic-wise and allocating the time which would be required to accomplish the particular topic. To track record of my progress, I made a separate diary in which I used to write all the things which I did during my study, including the break time and all other things. I used to write all the subject topics which were pending and to be done, dates by which I need to complete particular topic, day when I would take break from my studies, all were marked on desk calender. So, I think planning was my main focus.

Then the execution plan. I executed all the things which were written in diary, which boosted up my confidence. If some day I couldn’t go as per planning, I used to skip that part and move to next part, so it proved very helpful in completing my syllabus. I did planning that how to face examination, which question to attempt first, in what manner, how much time to be given to a particular question and all other things. ‘Smart work’ is required rather then ‘work’.

Initially I used to study for 1-2 hours, when I was attending office and classes both. My schedule was morning 7am to 10pm so I used to get hardly 2 hours. But as I moved ahead, I gradually shifted to 6 hours a day, then 8 hours and finally when I was on leave, 12 hours a day. In month of October I studied for 16 hours daily also, to revise the syllabus on time and also to enjoy Diwali festival. My entire study schedule is written in my diary.

Books and e-sources

I think best source of study is book and material provide by ICAI. There are many online sources which are hosted on website of ICAI. I thoroughly studied ICAI material such as module, RTP, suggested answer, practice manual, online material and mock test papers provided by ICAI. All materials which are available in the market, but one should at least compare those material with material provided by the ICAI.

Mock tests

Yeah, I attended mock test papers, and I think mock test papers are necessary. Because before appearing in final examination, students must have idea about how to face it, for that mock tests are very important. By appearing in those tests, students can have written practice, how to allocate the time, how to complete the paper within limited time and how to face the situation when paper is not as per expectations. Mock test papers are crucial and students must appear in test at least once in each subject.

Rank and preparation

To be very honest I was not preparing for the rank, but I was preparing for the tag CA, so my entire focus was on that only. I started studying before 1.5 years of my exam. I was also enjoying the social life. I think rank is all because of my study momentum which I maintained. Where many students were struggling to complete the syllabus, I completed mine long back. So I think zeal to get the tag of CA, made me a ranker too.

Future Plans

A very difficult question. I am looking for job in industry where I can learn new things and get exposure. I am also interested in writing profession, so I will be looking forward for it. I am also writing a novel, based on online relationship, which is about to complete. I will be happy to work with various websites or magazines as columnist if I get a job. So main focus is getting a Job in industry and to go ahead with my writing career simultaneously.

I have applied for campus interviews. My plans are to update myself with the current affairs and to get knowledge of various new things such as Company Act 2012, IFRS, ind-As. For these I regularly surf various online websites to update my knowledge. I also read business newspapers to update my knowledge.

Advice to fellow students

My suggestion would be to stay motivated and have a positive approach towards life. At-times it may happen that you will feel depressed or frustrated, as I used to feel, but trusting yourself and believing the inner strength are the only remedies. Never give up, keep trying, give time to your hobbies, adopt good habits, enjoy your studies, help others, no negative thinking and hard work, success is yours, no one can stop you. As I already told you, plan well and execute well. Write all things on the paper and do accordingly. Always have plan B, in case plan A fails. Plan B is all about how to face the worst situation. My plan A was to appear both groups and to complete the syllabus by 25th August, I completed my 17th August. My plan B was that in case there was a situation to appear only one group then I would go for group 2 and main focus for preparation will be Costing and DT.

So I wish all the fellow students a very good luck. Work hard and stay blessed.