Rajkumar Arun Agarwal - AIR 49 CA Final Nov 2017 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Rajkumar Arun Agarwal

My name is Rajkumar Agarwal rather I can say CA Rajkumar Agarwal now, born and bought up in Mumbai Qualified as Chartered Accountant in recent CA Final Examination held in November 2017 securing All India Rank 49th. So far as my family is concerned, we are 5 Members, my Dad, Mom, Brother, Sis-in-Law and Me. My Dad is working as an Accountant in Transport Company, my MOM is a homemaker while my brother and his wife both are serving in Consulting Industry.

Like any other child, I too had ambitions for my future and I always wanted to become a soldier until 2008 when I met with an accident that fractured my hand and it somehow made me freezed my dream plan. During my graduation tenure at the Junior College, I realised that I have done good in Maths and Accounts and going forward Chartered Accountancy could bring a bright future for me. So that encouraged me to join the CA course and with almighty blessings and guidance from my family members, I managed to clear all the levels of this curriculum with good grades.

My first reaction

Well after appearing for the examinations in November I was quite confident to become a member of this extreme profession still securing a rank was not the ultimate expectations. The day of results started with little bit nervousness though as soon as the websites declared the results it brought an incomparable happiness for me. I was extremely happy when I saw that I cleared both the groups in 1st Attempt but the shocking moment was when I saw Merit List. Literally, I have checked it 5 times, but not grabbed anyone else’s name 🙂

There are lots of people to whom I want to give credit for my success. Some of them are:

  • My Family, especially My Mom & Dad (My Motivational Factor)
  • Bhagwanji
  • My Immediate Professors from Prime Vision Classes
  • Youtuber’s ( Faculties who shares their Lectures on youtube)


I have done my Internship from Pathak H. D & Associates, Mumbai. After the completion of IPCC, one of my professor said – Your Internship Exposure will gonna help you 30%-40% in CA Final exam provided you did your “Internship with all Dedication with Concentration” and I followed his words. My internship exposure in many subjects like Financial Reporting, Audit, Law, Direct Tax and to some extent ISCA.

My suggestion to all future CAs – Please do your Internship with all your dedication, its gonna help you a lot.


I got 3 months full fledged time for studies in which I used to study for 16 hours/day (provided I have never missed any lectures during my classes and the credit for this goes to my Immediate Reporting Manager who supported me a lot for my studies). Every students are in dilemma like how it can be possible to study for 16 hrs/day for us?.

Actually, it is not compulsory to sit at one place with books for 16 hrs/day, you can study for 12-13 hrs with books and in rest 3-4 hrs you can study in your mind like memorizing Law’s Section No.s, AS/Ind AS/SA No.s with Name, Name of Case Laws in DT/IDT, etc and remaining 8 hrs is only for sleep 🙂 (which will keep you fresh and fit for whole day).

Yes, It is necessary to join coaching institute because it will help you to clear out all your concept and CA Final examination is all Conceptual based examination. One can go for self study for selective subjects like Law or Audit provided he/she shall have a good command on this subject(s).


A. Study schedule

I used to study for 16 hrs/day i.e from 8:00 am till Midnight 00:00 (My morning starts with section no.s and ends with section no.s). I used to study in my mind during my Refreshment time, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, etc.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

My strong subjects was FR, Law, Audit and DT and my weak subject was Costing. Actually, I have given an equal importance to all subjects except costing, I have referred Class Notes, PM and SM for costing because for me, costing was like Danger-zone.

Books and e-sources

My suggestion is to refer your Class Notes and Materials provided by ICAI and always try to stick with one Author till your exam.

  • Financial Reporting – Israr Shaikh Sir, Praveen Sharma Sir or D. S. Rawat Sir
  • SFM – Archana Khetan Ma’am, A. N. Sridhar Sir or Sanjay Saraf Sir
  • Audit – Aseem Trivedi Sir or Sarthak Jain Sir
  • Law – Munish Bhandari Sir, Swapnil Patni Sir or Aseem Trivedi Sir
  • Costing – Padhuka
  • ISCA – Jignesh Chedda Sir, Amit Tated Sir or Swapnil Patni Sir
  • Direct Tax – Shirish Vyas Sir, Bhanwar Borana Sir or Vinod Gupta Sir
  • Indirect Tax – Mahesh Gour Sir, Yashwant Mangal Sir or Bhangar Sir
  • PM is must for all subjects

Mock tests

No, I have not attended any Mock Test but I have referred Mock Test paper of May 2017 and Nov 2017 and according to me, it is necessary for success because it will help you to increase your writing speed, it will give you chance to rectify your mistakes in Final exam or it will also help you to know about your current status (provided you are already done with 2 readings of all subjects).

Rank and preparation

Actually, am an average student and since childhood I have never secured any Rank till CA Final. Of course, I was not preparing for Rank but yes I have tried my 200% best to crack Final exam with good marks.

Future Plans

I’m planning for my own business most probably in coming 4-5 years meanwhile am applying for industry, so that I can obtain overall Business Process, Techniques and Analysis.

ICAI Campus

There is nothing Hard & Fast Rule for preparation of ICAI Campus. All they want is your Presentation skills, Communication Skills and how well versed you are with your CV, little bit knowledge of Indian Economy, Subject (Ind AS/GST/SA/AS/DT/IDT – differ from Co. to Co.) and Respective Company.

Advice to fellow students

My suggestion to all CA Student is:

  • try to attend all lectures as much as possible
  • be updated on Youtube – subscribe the channels of all Faculties (list given below)
  • give equal importance to all subjects
  • leave all social platforms, your friends and family functions at least for last 5 months
  • it will be better if you keep 70:30 for Practical:Theory in your daily routine, so that the load of theory subjects will be reduced and retention power will be enhanced