Varinder Rana - AIR 43 CA Final Nov 2015 - Chandigarh, Punjab
Varinder Rana

According to my friends, family and colleages I am a kind of person whose presence cannot be ignored, I set the momentum wherever I go. I am an open hearted punjabi guy who enjoys the journey but keep his focus on destination. I don’t need any occasion to celebrate just a little excuse is enough and for me health and happiness comes first then everything else.

Coming to my family, I am a active little member of my joint family. My family is very supporting and have played crucial role in my success.

My first reaction

My first reaction was normal as I was expecting my score to be 500+ but it was 485 only. But as soon I got to know that I secured a rank I was on 7th cloud as I had achieved what I had aimed for.

I would like to give credit of my success to all those who believed in me after my failure in may 2015 exams, they have kept believing in me that I can do it with ease but rank was totally my aim and most important was the hard work and focus on aim which kept me going and rest is grace of God who made it all happen.


I did my articleship from two renown firms in tricity Aaryaa & Associates, Panchkula and Pankaj Tandon & Associates, Mohali and I am lucky to get huge practical exposure which of course helped in preparations and for me it is 50% Academics and 50% practical exposure which help you to remain logical and updated to crack this course.


According to me need of coaching classes depends upon person to person but self study is must for every student because it is self study where you learn something layer by layer which I think is the best way of learning. I had taken coaching for 3 subjects which I thought I had to and for others I have seen lectures, took notes from friends and referred reference books of various authors. In the end I had done practice manuals and RTP’s for all 8 subjects which helped me in self assessment and clearing my doubts.


A. Study schedule:

I Studied only 1 subject at a time, 10-12 hours are more than sufficient, revise at the end of the day what you studied throughout the day. Normally a subject takes 20-30 days in first reading, 10-15 in 2nd and finally 1 week is enough to master it before exams. So with 3 months to exams I had simply allocated 1 week for each subject for next 2 months and mastered them till April. In April I again did all subjects as fast revision this time which polished my weaknesses and recalled my strength before exams.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

Focus first on what you know less, prepare for the subjects first which you find tough and challenging and for strong subject you can always target 80+ for each then you don’t need to bother about weak subjects too.

Books and e-sources

Refer only one Author book for each subject, never be confuse about it. Decide and do it and complete your Practice Manual along with the author’s material and do PM 2-3 times and give an honest attempt to solve RTP’s before exams. My only e-source was ICAI BOS portal to which I kept myself updated all the time.

Mock tests

I didn’t gave any mock tests. But I had practiced May 2015 exam papers, RTP’s on my own and done analysis on where am I weak (Speed, Time Management, Presentation, Specific topic) which I think is must. They do contribute to your performance in the exam.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I was preparing for RANK-1, because I believe in keeping the aim high and be tough on self to achieve the aim. I used to always write on stick notes and paste them in my room (All India Rank – CA Final NOV15 and Swami Vivekanand’s sayings which always motivated me) for 3-4 months and I made the same atmosphere at home which really helped me in securing this position.

Future Plans

My aim is to become a world class professional and I am very much interested in entering into corporate world.

Advice to fellow students

My advice to upcoming chartereds is simple – aim for the best, plan wisely, execute nicely, improvise your plans time to time, reward yourself on completion of your short goals and manage your focus, not time.