Shubham Jalan - AIR 39 CA Final Nov 2015 - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Shubham Jalan

This is Shubham Jalan, AIR 39, November 2015 attempt, from Varanasi. I am pursuing my articleship from Satish C. Jain & Associates, Varanasi. I have done my graduation from B.H.U. hometown being Varanasi, I live in a nuclear family with father in business, mother being house-maker, sister qualified CA with me in the same attempt and grandparents.

I entered in the field of CA as from very beginning I had interest in Finance sector and CA being most suitable for finance sector. Also, my uncle is a CA, currently working as CFO at Aperam Ltd., a company of Laxmi Niwas Mittal, who motivated me for pursuing CA course from very beginning. So, for me it was a blend of both my aspirations and family support for opting CA.

My first reaction

Actually my first reaction was a dream come true reaction. Also, as my sister also cleared with me, I first saw her result and after getting her result passed a was very happy. Then with my result being pass the happiness was not less than the top of mount Everest feeling. I would like to give the credit for this success to all those who guided me and supported me in life from my childhood, my family and my mentors being the most deserved amongst all.


I am pursuing my articleship from Satish C. Jain & Associates, Varanasi. During my articleship I learnt how to apply things in the real world situations which is very different from the theoretical part that we study. This actually helped to see the things from different point of view and then find a perfect solution for it which also helped me to a great extent while doing my CA papers.


As far as preparations are concerned I studied for exams only in the last 5 months before exams because before that I was left with very less time due to coaching and articleship schedule. Yes, I feel that for some of the subjects like practical one’s coaching guides on how to study, however if one feels that he/she can prepare himself without any coaching its very good then. And yes CA is all about retention so for that 3 to 4 times revision of a particular thing is very necessary.


I used to study for about 12 hours a day during last 5 months of exams. My strong subject was Accountancy and weak one was Strategic & Financial Management. Did not do anything extra for any particular subject but revised at least 4 times each subject. I stuck to only one book for a particular subject that too if done coaching for that subject then the coaching study material. Also, for getting practical solving exposure I used to solve practice manuals that institute releases, which each and every person pursuing CA should go through.

Mock tests

Yes, I attended the mock papers that institute releases on its sites for every attempt and they are helpful to know your actual preparations before exams and plan your further preparation approach accordingly.

Rank and preparation

No, actually getting rank in CA Finals was never my moto, I just thought that I have to do my job that is studying and for the rest of the things I never thought much. So from my part it was to give my 100 percent which I gave and the result was the return of my hard work.

Future Plans

I still have my articleship left till April, 2016, so not thinking much for job right now. But ya I want to study further and have thought for one or two things. Lets see which course of action I will take as I have to gather some more information about those streams.

ICAI Campus

I have filled campus form and got registered for that and since I am going through my articleship I am left with much less time for preparing for campus but yes will start soon for its preparations.

Advice to fellow students

The only advice I would like to give CA students is that CA is all about patience and hope, if one keep on holding these two things for long then CA can be cracked very easily. Hard work is to be done in every aspect of life but not loosing hope and doing your work will always lead to success. So be calm, enjoy life and without thinking much prepare for exams. Also, if possible stick to a particular subject and solve as many subject’s practice manual as you can.

All the best buddies.