Sanket Bora - AIR 46 CA Final Nov 2015 - Pune, Maharashtra
Sanket Bora

This is Sanket Bora. I have completed my chartered accountancy course with All India Rank 46th in November 2015, CA Final Exam. I have positive attitude towards life. I have good analytical skill. I prefer smart work rather than hard work. I believe in achieving maximum output in minimum input. I feel uncomfortable till I finish the work which allotted to me.

My father have TV Shop as well as stock broking business. My mother is housewife. I have 2 elder sisters. One of them is married and other one completed her MCS and now doing job in one of Software Entity.

Reason for Entrance in CA Course:-It was my passion from the SSC to enter in CA Course.

My first reaction

My first reaction after viewing my result was that I feel great and I was speechless. I gave my success credit to my Mom, Dad and Sisters.


I have done my internship from Anita Limaye Chartered Accounatant, Pune. I have done all type of work during my internship viz. statutory audit, tax audit, project financing, revenue & concurrent audit of nationalize bank, income tax & sales tax assessment related work so it helps me a lot in preparing for my exam.


I have done 3 months of exam preparation before exam. According to me it is not necessary to join coaching institute for theory based subjects viz.DT, IDT, Law, Audit, ISCA, for these subject self-study is sufficient.


A. Study schedule:
I studied at most 10 hours a day. I never studied at overnight. I studied in morning, afternoon and evening only.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
For me all practical subject were strong and all theory subject were weak as compared to practical. So for theory subject I used to write all the topic which I was facing some problem for understanding it. So after writing that it became easy to learn as well as to understand.

Mock tests

Yes I have attended mock tests which was held by ICAI before exam. In my opinion it is very much necessary for clearing exam as well as getting good marks.

Rank and preparation

Frankly speaking I was not preparing for rank.

Future Plans

I want to enter in corporate world.

ICAI Campus

I am going to attend the orientation program held by ICAI before appearing for campus. As in that program all faculties are going to give all knowledge about campus, so as per that I will prepare for campus.

Advice to fellow students

I request to all students that never under estimate any subject and treat all subject as same.