Ruchika Mittal - AIR 27 CA Final - Surat, Gujarat
Ruchika Mittal

I’m Ruchika Mittal, a very dynamic person. I love taking up challenges and that marked my entry to CA. CA being a very reputed profession, having diversified topics, covering almost every area of business and considered to be very difficult is what drove me to take it up.

After 10th results I had enrolled for CA. Further, while taking admission in Credent Professional Studies, what caught my eyes were my Mentor’s Rank Certificates and this gave me another goal for life. My dad is a businessman and my mom is a homemaker. My elder sister works with Tech Mahindra in Pune and my younger sister is State Level Badminton Player.

My first reaction

For a moment I was all numb. I uttered to my Mom “Mumma 27”, she just hugged me tight with tearful eyes. And that was a Million Dollar moment to me. It was her dream that I could fulfill.

Credit of this success goes to my mom, dad and sisters, who motivated me throughout and made sure everything around me were perfect so that I could concentrate on studying. My mentors Ravi sir and his entire team too played a very significant role, guiding me throughout and being available 24/7. My friends, who kept reminding me of my goal, whenever I went off track.


I did my Articleship from M/s Bagla Associates, under the guidance of CA. Shiv Baser and CA. Sandeep Devpura. They were been very supportive and encouraged me throughout. Practical exposure during these 3 years changed my approach to things, which helped me crack CA Final as well.


I would say coaching class is must to everyone, provided you don’t join a place where there’s no personal interaction with the coaches. Choosing your Mentors wisely is the 1st step to success as they don’t just teach you subjects but change your outlook of looking at things. Approach that I developed in my classes helped me in every walk of my life, be it my articleship or my other courses.


A. Study schedule:
I used to study in batches with adequate breaks so that I would be fresh for next session. My typical schedule for last 5 months was to start with a theory subject from 8 AM to 1 PM with 15 mins of tea break in between, than an 1 hrs lunch time, than 2 PM to 5 PM- a practical subject, after a tea break 5.30 PM to 8 PM theory subject again and than after dinner till I could stay up, I would take another practical subject.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
Practicals were my strength as I spent enough time mastering their basic concepts. I was concerned of Direct Taxation and ISCA but then our faculty made it a cake walk to us.

Books and e-sources

I prefer Institute’s Module over other reference books, as sticking to Institute’s language and presentation gives you an edge in exams. Practice Manual is a must for every subject.

For a very vast subject like DT, I would recommend Ravi Chhawchharia’s ‘RCC Book for CA Final Direct Taxes’. This book gives you an insight of very everything, is very logically presented and probably the only book in the market which is concise enough to be read completely on the day before exam.

Mock tests

I didn’t attend mock tests organised by ICAI, but did attend a few at my coaching centre. And yes it definitely helps, so would suggest everyone to give tests, if time permits. It’s the best way to check where we stand and what areas need to be worked upon.

Rank and preparation

Yes I was, because it my mom’s dream. Every time CA Final results were declared, she would flip newspaper saying “Next year we’ll have your photo here”, “In 6 months, you would making it to headlines”. And with this I doubled my efforts every time. One thing that kept me going was my cell phone wallpaper, which read ‘True Love is when you study late night, to give your parents their Dream Retirement’.

Future Plans

I’m looking for opportunities in Investment Banking, would also be interested in Management or Strategic Planning roles.

ICAI Campus

Background study of companies coming to campus and brushing up on Technical aspects and Current Affairs.

Advice to fellow students

Smart work is need of the hour, only working hard would lead you nowhere. So, stop, analyse yourself, your strengths/weaknesses, what needs to be improved. Ink your plan and follow it sincerely. Leaving your social life aside is however not required. Whatsapp, facebook, movies are all required to keep you stress free but then know where to limit them. Give your 100% and trust me guys it will all be worth the pain.

All the best !!!