Rishabh Jain - AIR 50 CA Final - Delhi
Rishabh Jain

I am Rishabh Jain, 23 years old, born in Delhi. I have secured AIR 50 in CA Final, Nov-2015. I love to play chess whenever I get free time. As far as my family concerns, we are four (3 siblings and my mother). I applied for CA course in December 2010 because I was interested in the field of maths, accounts and as it is a challenging course for everyone I joined this course.

My first reaction

I was surprised to see that I have secured Rank in CA Final and also it was a moment of relief for me. My family and seniors are very supportive for this success because I had got ample time and leaves to prepare for exams and also support from my family.


I have completed my articleship from M/s Kumar Chopra & Associates, New Delhi. It helped me a lot in my exams because the exposure of Income Tax Preparation, finalisation of Balance Sheet, service tax return preparation I got during my articleship, it was very helpful for me because there are some points where if you have dealed with them practically, it gets easier to understand them.


I believe that self study is most important for success in exams. Whether is it necessary to join coaching, all depends on individual student. The subject in which you think that you are weak and you think that you should take class then you should. Remember what others say that “This subject is for self study”, “This subject cannot be completed without coaching’ all are their views and nobody knows your strength and weakness better than you. At last I would like to say that self study is most important. Even after taking coaching, we have to self study then only we can get success in CA exams.


I used to study for 10-12 hours a day and all subjects I was studying together in alternate days (4-4) and it was my aim that I have to complete my course 2 times at least 20 days before exams.

My strong subjects were Financial Reporting, Advanced Management Accounting, Taxation and weak were Audit and ISCA. For audit & ISCA, I referred Practice Manual because there was limitation of time so I thought that it was best to prepare for.

Mock tests

Yes, I have solved last 4-5 attempt questions paper and latest mock test paper issued by ICAI. I think that this is necessary to solve question paper so that you get familiar with those 3 hours of exam and test your preparation because you have to keep whole syllabus in mind and also prepare to attempt all questions within 3 hours.

Rank and preparation

It was my goal to secure rank since CPT. I missed rank in CPT by 1 mark and then again I missed rank in IPCC. During the articleship period I had completed all coaching which I had to join because during last 4 months of leaves, I wanted that during these 4 months I will do only self study.

Future Plans

Now, I am planning to start my career in corporate world and get a good starting of my career as a Chartered Accountant.

ICAI Campus

Just brushing up with all I have. Be confident and honest.

Advice to fellow students

Just be confident and give your 100%. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to regret after exams that if I had studied more/properly, I would have performed in exams in better way. Just give your best and leave rest on your luck.