Rahul Vadera - AIR 25 CA Final Nov 2015, Pune Maharashtra
Rahul Vadera

I am a person who carries happiness throughout the journey and not after achieving the target because as per me happiness should not be attached to things or stimulus which boost your happiness every time you satisfy the level of your targets.

My family is very supporting (firmly first of all for my health and then for studies). I decided to enter this field because I want to be career path for my family and friends and it gives an immense pleasure when you are the first CA in a family to career the path to junior family members.

My first reaction

Reaction was quiet normal as I was expecting a rank among Top 10 and most amazing happen to me is that first time I was informed about my result by family and friends.

I would like to give credit of success to all those who participated with me throughout this journey of small part of life and most important it was praise and the hard work which kept me to stick to the position.


I did my internship from GTG Chartered Accountants, Pune and there are two views possible, but to me it was 50-50 (Academics and Practical) which will help you in both ways to remain logical and be updated also.


In the duration of Internship you get very less time for self preparation, so coaching classes are must and at the same time you should take a glance view of Modules by CA Institute. I focused on daily and cumulative revision of subjects throughout the period of 3-4 Months and I was enjoying the whole curriculum which kept me always with the subject. I used to reward myself with a treat or movie on achieving my small targets and which kept me going.


A. Study schedule:

Study 2-3 subjects a day, 10-12 hours are more than sufficient, revise at the end of the day what you studied throughout the day (Quickly and Daily) and focus on 3-4 subject in which you are more confident and target 70+ and for remaining target 50-55 and RANK IS NO MORE A DIFFICULT PROGRAMME TO START.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)

Focus first on what you know less, prepare for the subjects first which you find tough and challenging and for strong subject you can always target 80+ for each then you don’t need to bother about weak subjects too.

Books and e-sources

Refer only One Author book for each subject, never be confuse about it. Decide and do it and complete your Practice Manual along with the Author’s material and do PM 2-3 times and refer mock test paper on exam day just before exam.

Mock tests

I practiced test series on my own and done analysis on where am I weak (Speed, Time Management, Presentation, Specific topic) and it is must otherwise they are not going to help you much. They do contribute in the performance in the Exam.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I was preparing for RANK-1, because I believe in keeping the aim high and be tough on self to achieve the aim. IF YOU ARE TOUGH ON YOU, LIFE WILL BE EASY ON YOU. I used to always write on stick notes (AIRCA-1 NOV15 and my SIGNATURE and used to put the date on it) for 3-4 months and I made the same atmosphere at home which really helped me in securing this position.

Future Plans

I am planning to join the Teaching profession and be the Number 1 in that field.

Advice to fellow students

For Rank you have to just Secure extra 10%, everybody is snatching for that 50%, take it simple, it will be simple. And aspire High.