Rahul Jain - AIR 10 CA Final Nov 2015 - Jaipur, Rajasthan
Rahul Jain

Born and brought up in a small village in Jaipur named Itawa Bhopji. Completed initial schooling in a CBSE based school in the town named Vidhyagram International School.

My Family has always been a strong guide for me to move ahead. Whenever I felt down, their hands were ready to pick me up. My family is a strong support to me. My mumma, papa, and sisters have always been working as a light beam to pave way in the darkness.

My first reaction

It was expected that I am going to secure a rank in CA Final Examination, if something was uncertain than it was only the no. of rank. Finally, I have secured AIR – 10.

Apart from my hard work and smart work, there are many people in my life who contributed in my grand success. First and foremost, it will be mumma, papa and my sisters. Special thanks are also due to my employer CA Deepak Khandelwal under whom I have completed my articleship training.


I have completed my articleship training from Kalani & Company, a chartered accountancy firm based in Jaipur. Practical exposure that I earned from my articleship training helped me in multiple ways to perform better in the examination. It amplified the retention power and broadened the analytical skills which helped me to interpret and grasp the concept efficiently. Moreover, it also helped me to plan well in a strategic direction.


I took coaching of only 3 subjects and rest I did at myself. There cannot be a hard and fast rule that “whether to join tuition for a particular subject or not?”. But of course, it will depend of certain guiding factors as outlined below:

  • What kind of practical exposure is someone having in the articleship firm?
  • What are the weak subjects for which someone require special guidance?
  • Analytical skill and interpretation power someone possesses?


I use to study 12-15 hours in a day in the last 4.5 months before the examination. I always believed in consistency and efficiency. I used to study 3-4 subjects in a day strategically. Time was systematically allocated to all the subjects. I gave 100% to all the subjects.

I believe that for cracking CA Final, one need to be concise and precise.

Books and e-sources

Do not refer too much study materials. I would like to recommend study material, practice manual, case laws, supplementary study material, revision test papers and mock test papers published by ICAI.

Mock tests

Yes, one should attend mock test papers as they help in identification and evaluation of the gray areas well before examinations. It is rightly said that “the more you will sweat in the practice, the less will be blood in a war”. Mock test papers helps to plan the approach to be adopted in the examination hall.

Rank and preparation

As already stated that I was preparing for the rank. I gave 100% to all the subjects. Time was strategically allocated to all the topics of a particular subject. I worked upon my weak areas. I planned to revise the entire curriculum at least 3 times (excluding the revision in 1.5 days before the examination).

Future Plans

I would like to join corporate.

Advice to fellow students

I would like to advise to students pursuing CA course to work smarter, be updated with the latest amendments, refer publications issued by ICAI, practice the numerical subjects like accounts, costing etc.