Pooja Joshi - AIR 45 CA Final Nov 2015 - Pune, Maharashtra
Pooja Joshi

Born and brought up in a town, loved one in my family, I believe in working smart instead of working hard. As hard work is something which I feel is done by every CA Final student. To get through, less efforts with proper direction are required.

My family has always been a backbone through all my steps in the life. My mom and dad have been my mentors for all the decisions I have taken in my life. Respect is something which held you high in the society. When you are introduced as Chartered Accountant in front of people, the way they interact with you changes completely the next moment. This urged me to enter into this profession to be one of the respected staff of the society.

My first reaction

I have never viewed my own result during my CA Journey. It may be a superstition but believing it for the sake of exams and results is always okay. So my friend & brother-in-law first told me about my marks and my first reaction after listening the marks was unimaginable. I burst out with the happiness of passing out the finals at one stroke. Two hours later my cousin informed me that 483 marks has an All India Rank and then I checked the merit list. Gosh! It was AIR 45.

My first credit is to God who have always been there with me even in my worst situation and has given me a cake with cherry when I just asked him for my bread. Equivalent credit to my mom and dad to not only show me my path but to catch my hand and guide me throughout. My other family members, teachers, friends have always been there to help.


I completed my internship with K.L.Gupta & Associates. Getting a practical exposure at your work will always help to get clear in the basics and will shape you for the extreme situations where theoretical knowledge cannot help.


I joined coaching classes for 5 subjects and rest were self studied by me. If you have proper notes with you, you can go with the self study. But make sure that you give extra time to go with the first reading and then you can get a grip on the concepts as and when you cumulatively revise the concepts.


A. Study schedule:
I used to study for 8-10 hours consistently for 3 months, getting 6-7 hours proper sleep, two subjects a day – one theory and the other practical.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
My weak subjects were Strategic Financial Management and Direct Tax. So, Direct tax was the first subject I started with because I believe that your favourite subjects can be covered by you at later stages also but once you postpone your weak subjects you never find a good time to cover the syllabus.

Books and e-sources

If you are into coaching classes, class notes should be referred. If you are studying yourself, make sure you refer only one book. Peeping deep into other books will create a confusion. Reference can be taken from other books for few concepts if they are vague but at the end study with one book only. Institute’s Practice manual, Revision Test Papers, Case law Book and amendments on the site of icai.org were of great help to me. Practice manuals helped to get an idea of what type of questions are asked in the exams and how we should answer it.

Mock tests

I planned to attend mock tests conducted by ICAI as it would help me to test myself in the examination environment with my time management and where am I lacking in the concepts. But as I had only 3 months with me, I could not attend mock tests but while studying I used to randomly pick out a question and write it on paper and then check with time and whether all points are covered or not. I also checked few past examination papers and their solutions given in the suggested answers on icai.org, especially for practical subjects and randomly solved few questions from the same and checked with the answers and tried to improve on my time management.

Rank and preparation

Aim High because it costs nothing, but achieving it helps you to earn many things. I wasn’t preparing to get a rank but I was preparing to score in most of the subjects which ultimately would bring a rank to me.

I never let my studies become boring for me. If I was bored with theory subject I used to shift on practical and if bored with practical subject, I used to switch to theory again. If bored with both, then I used to take a 10 minutes break and again come back and kick-start the journey.

Future Plans

I am looking for job opportunities in the Industry. Practice was one which I never wanted to go with. So, getting a good start with any organization where I can learn and develop, will aid to boost my career.

ICAI Campus

I have already filled up the form for campus placements. Getting knowledge of current affairs and brushing up the knowledge which I have will develop a confidence in me. So, I am reading newspapers, getting guidance of my teachers and people who are already working well in the corporate world to share their experience and teach me to learn.

Advice to fellow students

I have seen people getting restless while preparing for exams and getting a saturation level of studying after which they don’t want to study. Even I have faced such saturation level as it is common. So, don’t get scared, study not for longer hours but study effectively, focus more on cumulative revision, focus more on studying what on the day before exam, focus more on to attempt a 100 marks paper. Even if you don’t know the answer, being a CA Final student believe that you can attempt that question and write a logical answer to it. Focus on testing yourself and your time management before taking a risk of directly testing yourself in the exams. You keep working, rest God will surely take care of!!!!