Nikhil Goel - AIR 46 CA Final Nov 2015 - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
Nikhil Goel

Hello my name is Nikhil Goel and I am from Varanasi. My father has a wholesale business and my mother is a housemaker. I entered into CA field just after my school days since I was inspired by the prestige that this course gives.

My first reaction

I was with tears of happiness in my eyes after seeing my results. I would like to give whole credit of my success to my mother as she was the one who always motivated & encouraged me to work hard.


I have completed my Articleship from J.C. Bhalla & Co. It helped me by enabling me to correlate theoretical aspects with practical experience which had made it very easy to learn.


For getting good marks you have to be in momentum from the beginning only. I used to study 1-2 hours on a regular basis. Coaching should be joined for practical subjects rest for theory subjects self-study is enough.


A. Study schedule:
I basically started my studies for examination from July 2015. I knew either I have to play my best game or else I am going to lose. I used to make 5-10 days plan and then execute it. I have completed my first revision by mid of August and then gone for 2nd and 3rd revision.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
Practical subjects were my strength so I prepared them very well by understanding there basics and by practicing them many times. I was little bit weak in theory subjects so made notes and pictorial charts of them so as to do quick revision of it.

Books and e-sources

Institute’s practice manual is a very important especially for theory subjects and module is good for ISCA.

Mock tests

Yes I have attempted mock test and they are very important as it helps to test yourself in exam like conditions. The biggest problem of time management that we face in CA Exams could be easily solved by solving it.

Rank and preparation

Yes I was preparing for a rank only. I used to keep my momentum going firstly by fixing small targets for myself as achieving it gives you happiness and also boosts up your morale. Secondly by taking small breaks like on weekends I used to go for outing with my friends as CA course is little bit monotonous so this helps to refresh your mind and make you work with more zeal.

Future Plans

I am looking to enter corporate world.

ICAI Campus

I am preparing for campus by keeping myself updated with all the recent developments and by gathering insight of the company in which I am going to apply in campus.

Advice to fellow students

Only one Advice- “NEVER LOOSE HOPE AND NEVER GIVE UP” CA course is very large so sometimes you would feel like giving up but at that time only get yourself motivated either by taking to your friend or family.

I used to remind myself this line to get myself motivated and focused Failure is not when you fall but it’s when you give up your will to rise up again. So even though you might feel like you can’t do well in a particular subject (especially ISCA) don’t give up just keep trying you will surely get success.