Mayuresh Phadke - AIR 45 CA Final November 2015 - Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mayuresh Phadke

I am Mayuresh Phadke from Mumbai. I chose this profession because it is considered as one of the most challenging & prestigious course.

My first reaction

To be honest, I was completely taken aback when I viewed my result. The reason being, CA results are very unpredictable. But it was really overwhelming & ecstatic feeling of elation for me, my parents & friends and I realized that hard work and sincerity always gets rewarded. I would like to give credit to my teachers & parents who were always supportive.


I did my internship at M/s D.A.Oak & Co. The experience helped a lot to correlate the course knowledge with practical aspects.


The most important thing in preparation is planning. I used to plan in advance what I am going to study for next 5-6 days and implement it rigorously come what may. Coaching institutions should be joined for practical subjects; self study is enough for theory subjects.


a. Study schedule
I used to study for 11-12 hrs, maximum two subjects a day (one practical & one theory). I used to actually solve the practical problems & not just going through the steps; for theory subjects I prepared summary notes for easy understanding and quick revisions.

b. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
It is not whether a subject is stronger or weaker. Once you understand the gist of it, every subject becomes your strong point. However, never underestimate any subject. Every subject is equally important.

Books and eSources

Institute’s PM, classroom notes for better understanding and any other reference books which has ease of reading and which will provide conceptual clarity. Eventually it is important how well we read those books.

Mock tests

I couldn’t attend mock test papers due to time constraint. But I used to pick up random past papers questions and solve it and check whether all the points are covered or not. I will suggest to write mock test papers only if you have revised the whole text at least once. Otherwise it makes no sense to write papers when you are ill prepared and waste the precious time.

Rank and preparation

Frankly speaking I was not expecting a rank. But I was confident enough to score well in all the subjects.

Future Plans

I am looking to enter Corporate World.

Advice to fellow students

Keep Calm and first plan your study schedule. Don’t make your plan too complicated & detailed. Keep it simple. The course is really not tough; it is for tough people. So don’t panic, study smartly and prepare well.