Mayank Mundra - AIR 18 CA Final Nov 2015 - Chennai
Mayank Mundra

I am Mayank Mundra, born and raised in Chennai. I knew I wanted to be a CA since I was 14. I decided to enter this field as this was looked at one of the most challenging courses and the status a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT has in the society.

My first reaction

To be honest, I was shocked when I first saw my result. I was literally out of words. CA results have always been unpredictable and though I had done well, I was not confident. I was out of the world and it was a great feeling to see those tears of joy off your parents and close ones. I would like to give the credit to my family and friends who put in as much as efforts as I did and adjusted themselves well.


I did my internship from Grant Thornton, Chennai. The exposure I got there surely helped for my examination. The internship also gave me the maturity that was needed to plan and prepare accordingly.


The preparation was on a well oriented plan and I ensured that I prepare for number of hours required to stay on track. Certainly coaching classes are not necessary. Classes are just to lay the ground and makes the subject familiar.


A. Study schedule:
My schedule did not have a certain number of hours but the portions that was required to be completed for the day. On an average, I studied for 10 hours a day.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
Accounts, SFM and cost were my strong points and I practiced them well. Audit and ISCA were my weak points. To overcome it, I studied them conceptually rather than simply theoretically. TWO times revision for subject was my target.

Books and e-sources

The best material to use in my view is the institute publications.

Mock tests

No, I did not attend any. But I would advise to attend one.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I was preparing for a rank and for that, set right motivations and be inspired.

Future Plans

I want to enter the corporate world, enhance my professional skills and gain expertise in whatever field I work.

ICAI Campus

Well presently I am only keeping myself updated with recent changes.

Advice to fellow students

My only advice is believe in yourself. If someone has to do it, then why not you be the one. Trust yourself, study effectively and keep everything planned well in advance. My best wishes with all my friends.