Gayathri Shankar - AIR 42 CA Final Nov 2015 - Chennai
Gayathri Shankar

I am from Chennai. I graduated from MOP Vaishnav college. CA was primarily because my dad wanted me to pursue it.

My first reaction

I got to know about the rank much after I got to know about my results. So I actually didn’t expect a rank though I aimed for one. AIR 42 was totally an icing on the cake.

All the credit goes to my mother. This course needs a lot of mental strength and she gave me all of that. I thank my friend Pranav for making me believe that this position is possible, for constantly being the push that I always needed as I am quite lazy. I thank my brother family and friends for all the support and care.


I did my articleship at Sundar Srini and sridhar in Chennai. Articleship is really important as it helps in moulding you into a better professional.


Its one’s personal choice to join coaching classes but irrespective of attending classes one has to do consistent and sustained studying. I did attend classes for FR, SFM, AMA and DT.


I recommend that every subject should be studied/revised at least 3 times especially theory subjects. I studied ISCA for 3 hours everyday in the morning, that way it didnt get very boring and I was able to cover the study material and practice manual in less than a month.

Practice Manual is the Bible of the course. I made sure I did it around thrice before the exams. RTPs and Mock Test Papers are also equally important. It is better to do 3 or 4 past exams RTP.

I found it challenging to revise the entire syllabus on that one day before exam. All your preparation depends on that revising.

Rank and preparation

I started studying almost 9 months before my exams. Initially I just wanted to get comfortable with the subjects and not keep things to the last minute. Gradually I started believing in securing a rank though I always thought at the back of my mind that rank was pretty much close to impossible.

I used to study for at least 6 hours on a working day. It is very important that you start at least 6 months before your exam to avoid panic. I had set weekly targets and would do at least 3 to 4 subjects a day.

Mock tests

Mock tests are really very important. One thing that we lack is writing practice. I started attending mock test from Sept 2014 itself, even though I was not prepared. These tests help in self assessment.

Future Plans

I am not planning to take up practice for now.

Advice to fellow students

My sincere advice is that one should do continuous and consistent studying. It helps in building self confidence and avoids last minute chaos. Starting to prepare only during study leave or 3 months before exams is clearly not enough for a professional exam like this. Plan adequately. Stay fit physically and mentally. Take adequate breaks. Keep calm and rock on.