Ayush Sharma - AIR 24 CA Final Nov 2015 - Delhi
Ayush Sharma

I belong to a very small town in Odisha and have been staying outside since my high school. I chose to enter CA when I was in 11th standard and a teacher suggested us to choose business maths as elective subject if we intend to pursue CA in future. That’s when I called up my father and discussed about it and I decided to take it up. My father is a business man in Odisha and he has been guiding me throughout in my career path.

My first reaction

I could not view my result myself due to problem with the site. A friend of mine checked it and sent me a screenshot of my result. Later another friend checked my roll no. in merit list and informed me that I have secured AIR 24. I was ecstatic when I got to know about it since I did not expect it.

My friend, CA Aashish Ghai and his family played the biggest role in my success as I stayed at his place and studied for CA final. They kept continuous check on our studies and we kept pushing each other to study harder. No matter how much I thank his family, it will be really meager to match what they did for me. Finally, I feel my family has always played an integral role in my success by giving me the independence and understanding me so well, it is because of them that I feel like giving my best at whatever I do.


I did my internship for 2 years with Grant Thornton and for one year with General Electric. As I had done my training in Statutory Audit, it was really easy for me to complete the subject – Audit. I took 8 days to complete owing to my hold on the subject due to practical experience. GE valued my study time very well and my manager was always keen that I do not compromise on my studies. He often guided me on how to prepare for exams. All in all, training helps you to have a more practical approach towards studying something.


I did not take any coaching so I would suggest self study is enough. Provided you have contact with other students who have cleared their exam and who guide you well. I and my friend had lot of friends who were available for us and guided us throughout. I have been suggesting everyone and will mention again, doing practise manual is really important for CA final.


I always studied two subjects at a time, like SFM in first half and Accounts in second half. I feel its important to do practical subjects first, so that is how it started. After that I took up Direct Tax and costing, followed by IDT & Audit. Every student is scared of ISCA, so was I. I made stories for mugging it up, it requires you to write the same points as given in module and students get confused with so many questions relating to a single topic like advantages, characteristics etc.

I would suggest coaching from memory crafters (Coaching institute) for ISCA and book by Mr Jignesh Cheeda. For SFM I followed CA Aashish Kalra Sir’s book and I feel it is sufficient if a student practices the questions from his book. I followed a very strict study schedule and always noted time in the diary. Initially, it used to be time targets for me, so at the end of the day, I checked number of effective hours spent by me on studying.

Mock tests

I had written mock exams for 5 subjects, as an exam run. Took out 10 days before exam and used to study for one and half days and write exam. I had taken question paper of May 2015 exams and cross checked answers with Institute’s suggested answers for the same. It helps a lot in getting prepared as to how will you complete the syllabus in one & half day gap between exams. Further you get a practice of utilising first 15 mins given for reading, they are very crucial as you get to know with what speed you need to read the questions and how you decide which one you will not attempt. It is easier to decide which ones you can not attempt instead of deciding which one you can attempt by first reading the requirement of the questions.

Rank and preparation

I was preparing to clear the exams and not to get a rank. As mentioned above, me and my friend always pushed each other to study more. Further I always kept some award for myself, like if I finish certain proportion of syllabus by this date, then I will take a day off and go for some movie. It helps you feel rewarded for your efforts. A lot of planning has to be done. 5 monthly plan has to be broken down to monthly to weekly to daily plans and you have to stick to them somehow. The course requires your long sittings and you have to sit and study for long hours.

Future Plans

I plan to enter corporate world and not get into practice.

ICAI Campus

I am about to start the same, as I was caught up with few family functions and visits. I have been working on my resume and have completed GMCS training.

Advice to fellow students

Keep pushing yourself and study as much as you can. Plan your studies well as the course is very vast. You wont even know when you have gone haywire. Listen to everyone and then make a plan that suits you and gets the best out of you. Take breaks in between and be prepared to amend your plans. Once you are into studies, you will start liking your routine. I will suggest you to leave phone, facebook and tv for 5 months and I am sure anyone can clear CA final, as I have done the same.