Arihant Kothari, CA Final - Nov 2015 AIR 9, Chennai
Arihant Kothari

I am Arihant Kothari, born and brought up in Chennai. I am a graduate from loyola college, Chennai. I decided to enter CA as it was a challenging one and of-course for the kind of respect it brings to your name.

My first reaction

To be honest, I was shocked when I first saw my result. As all of us know that CA exams are unpredictable and so are the results.

I was kind off confident that I will clear all the papers but rank was never in my mind. It was just a bonus. And there a lot of people
who will play a role in your road to success. Starts right from your teachers to your parents. Another important set of people are your friends because they are the ones who can motivate throughout your study leave.


So I did my articles from a Big 4, EY(Ernst & Young). One big advantage is that in a big4 you get a lot of exposure and different kinds of exposure (corporate level) which you might not be able to get in a mid size firm. Another advantage is that these people make you work long hours right from the 1st week, so you are habituated to it.

One of seniors just said this “When you can work for 16 hours a day for a month, you sure as well can study 16 hours a day for yourself.”


Certainly coaching classes are not a necessity. It all comes down to how comfortable you are and how self motivated you are. So I preferred classes as it gave me fixed timings to spend time with my books and stay in touch with them. So if you are comfortable reading a subject on your own, go ahead. Its not a rocket science. All you need to do is stay focused and do your targets regularly.


If you’re looking at a rank, I would suggest you guys to start early and the right time to start in my view is 18 months before your study leave.

Personally I am weak in theory subjects (audit and ISCA) in particular, so I had to struggle and fight the battle with the books regularly.

Books and e-sources

The best material to use in my view is the institute publications.

Mock tests

Yes I did attend one. You must take up at-least one mock tests as it is important to know how to approach the questions and manage to write them in 3 hours. Also, it is 3 long years after which we are writing any exams, so take up a mock test.

Rank and preparation

No I wasn’t thinking about a rank or any number. All I did was that I gave it my best shot. I knew this is the last exam in my life. So I had to give it my best. And I put all the efforts possible to study.

Future Plans

Ah. This one is the most difficult one. Honestly I haven’t decided on it yet.

ICAI Campus

Just brushing up through the stuff which I know. Keep it simple, be yourself.

Advice to fellow students

A tough nut to crack, but once you crack, all your efforts would be just worth it.