Ankit Agarwal, AIR 50 - CA Final Nov 2015, Jaipur Rajasthan
Ankit Agarwal

I am Ankit Agarwal, born and brought up in Jaipur Pink City. I am a guy who is down to earth who luckily got into CA profession. I have enjoyed the journey of my life from being the naughtiest boy in home and school to become the most sincere guy right now. I share a good chemistry with my father and mother; I have four elder sisters. I don’t exactly remember when and how I got entered in CA that’s why I consider myself lucky to get into CA profession.

My first reaction

I was crying after knowing my result from my sister and after 2 hours I again started crying after viewing that I got All India Rank-50. The dream that my father would see my pic on first page of newspaper become true. The credit for success is multi-person, lot of people came in way, knows very well who were the real.


I did my internship from best firm in Jaipur – A. Bafna & Co. Internship do help to make us more mature and it is necessary to do for becoming fearless and confident person. Partners and colleagues in my firm helped me a lot to achieve this little milestone.


I believe everyone should follow its own study pattern; I was an early bird and began my day at 5:30 sharp. I believe the coaching is necessary in CA profession but it’s much better to do self-studies. I personally took coaching of 3 subjects and rest of them, I prepared them myself.


A. Study schedule:
I wake up at 5:30 in morning and sleep at 22:00 and in between took some necessary naps. I used to study one subject at a time and that to continuous for 3 days (half course) and give test for the same on Wednesday, then I pick either the remaining part or the different subject for next 3 days and gives test on Sunday.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
There is no such thing as strong or weak subject, it’s just the difference in preparation level so give more test for weak/less-prepared subjects to make it par with every subject.

Books and e-sources

Every author has the same matter; book is different only in matter of presentation.

Mock tests

Yes indeed!! I attended mock tests and apart from it, I joined private institutions which conduct test series. I gave atleast 30-40 tests before appearing in my final exams.

Rank and preparation

No, I was not preparing for rank; my only aim was to attempt for 800 marks and to pass all subjects with exemption.

Future Plans

Right now, I am planning to enter into corporate world and in a meantime, look for an opportunity to start business of my own.

ICAI Campus

Going through all the subjects again thoroughly and continuing improving my interpersonal skills.

Advice to fellow students

Go on with this course sincerely, this course will definitely help you to become a better person and I believe in a long term, being a good guy works.