Akshay Khaitan - AIR 11 CA Final Nov 2015, Varanasi - Uttar Pradesh
Akshay Khaitan

Hi, my name is Akshay Khaitan. My father’s name is Mr. Shiv Shanker Khaitan and he is a businessman. My mother’s name is Mrs. Chandrakala Khaitan and she is a housewife. I am 22 years old, born and grown up in Varanasi. I completed my graduation from BHU. I live with my maternal uncle who is also a CA. He is the only reason for me entering into CA.

My first reaction

Actually, the scene is a bit different with me. The first person to see my result was not me but my uncle. I was outside cybercafé with one of my friend and was going to check results. Suddenly my uncle called me and told me the result. I was so excited that I shouted “wooooooo” outside the café only and hugged my friend. I was on the seventh cloud when I came to knew that I cleared CA Finals and with a rank.

There are a lot of people who supported me throughout and deserves the credit for my success. I want to give credit to my family especially my mom and my uncle, some of my seniors and friends who were always there supporting and motivating me.


I am doing my internship from M. B. Gabhawala & Co., one of the best CA firms in my city. Internship really helped me to gain practical knowledge and remember things. I generally used to apply all things learnt in the practical cases, which helped to remember the things. Practical application of knowledge brings curiosity to learn more and apply more.


Preparing for CA finals was not easy. It needs hard work, smart studies, consistency in your studies and self-confidence. I took coaching for some practical subjects but what matters in the end is self-study. Joining coaching helped me to catch the topics faster and better. Direct Tax was never so interesting which I found it during the coaching classes. Coaching was helpful but I wont say it is necessary. One can clear CA finals even without coaching with a little more effort.


A. Study schedule:
My preparation strategy involved hard work, target based studies and a lot of time management. CA finals course is too lengthy and needs a lot of management to score good. I completed my coaching 6 months before the exams and was left with enough time for self-studies. I made targets for my studies to complete the course and revise twice. Then, I made daily targets and go to sleep only when it was achieved. I studied nearly 12-14 hours a day. For refreshment, I used to watch comedy shows.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepared them?)
I was strong in Accountancy and Direct Tax and these were my pillars for Rank. As these are my favorite subjects too and I was having good grip on them, it took little less time for final preparation. For accountancy, I solved my coaching books and institute’s Practice Manual while for Direct Tax I referred only my coaching book as it was more than enough.

As many, I was weak in ISCA. So I gave the maximum time to this subject. I studied it daily at least an hour. This subject needs a lot of memorization. I just made points from Institute’s Study material and memorized it daily. This helped me a lot and luckily I got an exemption in ISCA.

Books and e-sources

For every subject, you will find a lot of good books. The only thing you need to prepare one subject from one book only. Its better to read same book twice rather than reading 2 books for same subject. Institute’s Practice Manual is important stuff and is very helpful. I strongly recommend it. I solved Practice Manuals for Accounts, Law, Audit, Cost, ISCA and Indirect Taxation.

Mock tests

No, I didn’t attended mock tests. But I think I would have performed better if I would have practiced some papers at home. It lets you know how to attempt full paper which was the most challenging task for me in the Finals. So, I recommend everyone to solve papers at home before exams.

Rank and preparation

Yes, I was preparing for rank. I was a rankholder in IPCC also so there were a lot of expectations from me and I knew that getting rank is tough but not impossible. Many a times when my momentum broke down, I used to talk with my seniors and friends who motivated me and helped me reach here.

Future Plans

I am now planning to join the corporate world and enhance my knowledge and experience.

ICAI Campus

I keep myself updated with the recent changes and amendments which will be helpful in ICAI campus. Moreover, I am preparing for the basic questions with the help of youtube videos.

Advice to fellow students

I would like to advice every CA student to concentrate on studies during coaching classes. CA Finals is easy if you keep consistency in your studies. If you are passionate to become CA and deliver your 100 per cent, I bet no one can stop you from becoming one of the noblest professional.