Sreepadh Guruprasad - AIR 15 CA Final May 2017 - Chennai
Sreepadh Guruprasad

I am Sreepadh Guruprasad (age-21). I was born and brought up in Chennai (Annanagar) though I speak kannada. I did my schooling in DAV Mogappair (CBSE). After my schooling, I chose to straightaway enter into the course by writing my foundation (CA-CPT). I secured 90.5% in CPT. Further, I secured AIR 6 in my CA-IPCC (Intermediate level). I am pursued my articleship at Ernst & Young, Chennai. Meanwhile I completed my from Madras University (through correspondence).

Talking about my family, both my parents work in Southern Railways and I am the first CA in my family. Entry to the commerce world in my high school was in fact not a choice but an accident. Later, in high school, I was introduced to this profession by my parents. I started researching about it and slowly I gained interest in this profession. Today, I am lucky that I have chosen such a wonderful profession.

My first reaction

I cannot thank enough to my parents. What I am today is because of them. They were totally supportive right through my articleship and my exams. I hope I have made them happy and proud. Second, I would be grateful to my grandmother who has supported and taken care of me since my childhood. I would also be thankful to all my friends and relatives for their relentless support. Further, I would be always grateful to my school teachers for giving me such a good foundation and a strong base in the subject.


I pursued my articleship at Ernst and Young (EY) -Audit. Given the fact that it was a big4, CA-Final was indeed a challenge particularly because of the long working hours. Throughout my articleship, my day started at 6 in the morning (because of classes) and ended at 9 in the night or sometimes even beyond that. Though it was tough, I obtained a very good exposure at EY in the professional field. I got a chance to be associated with some of the rare and critical engagements. I am also thankful to EY for the huge network that I have gained for the past 3 years. A big thanks to EY for having given such a wonderful place to learn and explore.


I would recommend joining coaching institutes will be of a great help because of the time constraint CA students have given the fact that everyone needs to attend office simultaneously. However, I was not able to attend classes for all subjects. I joined classes only for 4 subjects and the rest, I had to do a self-study. Nevertheless, joining coaching institutes do help and thereby saves a lot of time for students.


I started my preparations exactly one year before my attempt, i.e. May 2016. Given the fact that I had work, I made a conscious effort to study at least 1.5-2 hours a day. My study leave started in December 2016 and I got a solid 4.5 months to study. Initially, I clocked around 9-10 hours a day which slowly increased to 13-15 hours. This is inevitable because the portion is so vast. Further, without a proper plan, one cannot proceed because of the fact that one can easily get lost in the wake of the voluminous syllabus. My plan was to study the whole syllabus in 3 months and keep 1 month for revision. Though there were ups and downs, I was able to crack my plan; at least to a greater extent.

Books and e-sources

As far as books are concerned, ICAI books are the only possible best source for preparation. ICAI books provide the model and a strong base to answer most of the questions asked in the exams. In addition to study materials, practice manuals provide a very good platform to test our understanding on various topics. Apart from the study materials and practice manuals, one needs to compulsorily go through revision test papers (respective attempt – thoroughly and at least 2 previous attempts) and supplementary materials, if any.

Mock tests

Further I wrote a mock exam which tested my agility. Having written a mock, I was prepared for the exams. On the whole, the papers were standard and few papers were unpredictable. But, I was prepared to accept that given the fact that it is an exam where only 5-10% clear.

Rank and preparation

Since the time I secured AIR 6 in my intermediate level, I always had a pressure to come out well even in my final. But I was able to brush that aside and focus on my studies without any expectations about the outcome. My aim was to excel in whatever I do and give my best. When I gave my exams, I was satisfied about my performance. But getting a rank was a dream come true and I was totally ecstatic.

ICAI Campus

As of now, my plan is to enter the corporate world and gain exposure in various areas/sectors. I have applied for the ICAI campus. I hope to get into a good company that offers a lot of exposure in diverse areas.

Advice to fellow students

CA is a lovely course that offers a plethora of opportunities in various fields. Today, the demand for CA’s are unmatched when compared to the supply. Therefore, there are a lot of opportunities. All that it needs to become a CA is a bit of dedication and hardwork. There are a lot of myths about CA that it is the toughest course, etc. It is indeed a challenging course but it is not tough to crack if there is a proper plan along with determination.

Personally, I also feel doing CA develops your personality and widens your horizon as you get to experience many things at a very young age. Further, with the law getting changed every day, the opportunities are only increasing.