Pankaj Gurnani - AIR 30 CA Final May 2017 - Surat, Gujarat
Pankaj Gurnani

I belong to a middle class Sindhi Family, engaged in our traditional business of textiles from last 40 years. Since beginning I was one of the bright students of the class. After shifting to Surat from Jodhpur in 2010 my interest in commerce increased and in my 11th I decided to go for Chartered Accountancy course instead of management courses like BBA.

My first reaction

I straight away went to kitchen from drawing room shouting about my result and hugged my Mom. She was my greatest impression. And all credit goes to my parents, my mentor-Mr. Ravi Chawwcharia and my family like friends.


I did my articleship from ARAV & Co., Surat in the areas of Audit and Direct Taxes. My firm is also engaged in System consultancy for major business houses in Surat. And as a result of my articleship I scored really well in Direct Taxes and Information Systems Control and Audit (highest in Surat).


I adopted a total planned approach for studies. And more important is to understand that plans need to be updated at regular intervals as per needs. At last month of study I used to update my plan almost at every second day. And I advice to all please plan your last 1.5 days well in advance.


A. Study schedule:
Complete cost and finance before January and then make schedule to divide the rest time to all subjects. Weaker subjects should be given more time reallocating from strong ones. And continually test yourself.

B. Strong and weak subjects (How did I prepare them?)
Strong : Finance
Weak: ISCA

For weak subject and especially the theory subjects try to practice in writing and do them for 1-2 hours daily basis apart from normal schedule.

Books and e-sources

My recommendation are none. But I would like to advice that review various books and chose as per your individual choice don’t just imitate your friends and colleagues and for one subject don’t get more than 1 reference as it would increase your workload and reduce efficiency.

Mock tests

No, but I used to write sample test myself to test my preparation and presentation. Testing yourself on regular basis shows mistakes that may happen in those 3 hours. And be honest if you are self assessing because you would be cheating none but yourself otherwise.

Rank and preparation

Yes, After IPCC I was preparing for repeat my rank because my mother wished for it and I had to do it. But I advice do not consider rank pressure while studying even if you got rank in IPCC (just focus on subjects to avoid procastinations).

Future Plans

I plan to go for Practice in future. But right now I plan to explore opportunities in finance fields.

ICAI Campus

As I plan to go for practice I am not going for campus.

Advice to fellow students

If you decide to go for this course it must be your own decision because that would make the professional the world demands.